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Windows 11 Exposed: Not What You Expected


As Microsoft nears the launch of Windows 11, we are seeing more and more leaks online. And today much of the interface of Windows 11 got leaked. Windows 11 Exposed as it’s not what we expected.

Windows 11

Microsoft will launch the successor to Windows 10 on the 24th of June, and it’s pretty much confirmed that they will launch the new OS, Windows 11. Windows 11 was said to get a new look and minimalistic design and everyone was eagerly waiting for it, but as the interface of the OS got leaked many of us got disappointed.

Windows 11 Exposed

The leaked ScreenShots Show the interface of the new Windows 11 with quite a detail. We see that the taskbar has been moved to the middle of the display which provides a MacOS style look and feels. Other than that we see that the file explorer has also got a redesign with simpler and minimalistic icons.

This updated Start menu is a simplified version of what currently exists in Windows 10, without Live Tiles. It includes pinned apps, recent files, and the ability to quickly shut down or restart Windows 11 devices. It’s really a lot more simplified than what exists in Windows 10 today.

If you don’t want the app icons and Start menu centred, there’s an option to move them all back to the left-hand side. Coupled with the dark mode that’s also available, and Windows 11 starts to look like a more refined version of Windows 10 than something dramatically new.

The tabs now come with rounded corners and everything appears very bright and colourful. That is pretty much it! All we are getting is Windows 10 in a new outfit. We did not see or catch any new features or major design changes and overall it looks more like a Windows 10.2 than a Windows 11.

Final Thoughts

We personally are very disappointed with the leaked images of the interface, don’t get me wrong it does look good but not what we expected from Windows 11. So, what do you guys think of the new Windows 11? Do you think Windows 11 got exposed? were you expecting something more? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We can only hope that the OS gets better till June 24.

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