OnePlus is Merging With Oppo: Get Ready For More Rebranded Smartphones

OnePlus is Merging with Oppo, this news was confirmed by OnePlus today. After getting hints and rumours from all over the internet, the phone manufacturer finally announced that OnePlus is Merging With Oppo.

OnePlus merging with Oppo

After many months of seeing designs and features being copied by both companies, from both companies. OnePlus made an official announcement today regarding the merger of both companies. Founder and CEO Pete Lau said in a blog post on Wednesday that deep integration with Oppo will allow OnePlus to build better products and roll out faster and more stable software updates to existing products. The two brands, owned at large by BBK Electronics, have been working together on some level for the last year. After Lau took on additional responsibilities to oversee product strategy for both OnePlus and Oppo. Those changes have had a “positive impact,” Lau said.

As OnePlus and Oppo both compete in effectively the same markets and are owned by the same parent company, it made little sense for them to double up on resources. Although it makes good economic sense, it does seem that OnePlus will inevitably lose a large chunk of its identity in the process even if its brand name is to live on. Chau believes the merger will result in better products, but only time will tell if this is indeed the case.

The Official announcement

OnePlus is merging with Oppo

OnePlus CEO Pete broke the news on their website with the title “A New Journey For OnePlus”. In that, he explained how the companies had been working together behind the scenes as they were owned by the same parent company but as now it’s official the working will be more productive for both companies. You can read the full announcement here.

Final Thoughts

I am personally very keen to see how this “partnership” turns out for both companies. We will be eagerly waiting for their new phones. So, what do you think? Are you guys excited about the merge, are you excited to see how this will affect OnePlus? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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