SOFTEC 2021: Compete in the competitions & win up to PKR 600K

We here always come with news, but today, we have come with Good News. You guys can win up to PKR 600K by taking part in this Softec 2021 Competitions. Gamers, Devs, Designers and many more people can easily enrol here and win BIG.

Softec 2021

Whether you are a freshman, senior or a graduate. SOFTEC has got some great activities, opportunities, and excitements in store for you. For the past twenty-five years, this I.T. extravaganza has enriched the awareness amongst students and professionals alike. The event has become an annual feature at FAST-NU and each year SOFTEC grows bigger and attracts a larger number of participants. The same goes for this year in Softec 2021 there are a number of competitions to apply in and win.

App Development

Softec 2021

The first one here is for the App Developers. If you find yourself being a skilled developer you can apply for this competition. This competition will provide a healthy environment for students from all over Pakistan to show off their mobile application development skills. You can show off your Android or iOS app development skills here to a large number of Mobile Application development companies and get a chance to be hired by one of them, along with the prize money. It’s a win-win situation!

Winner Prize: PKR. 40,000

1st Runner-Up Prize: PKR. 20,000

2nd Runner-Up Prize: PKR. 15,000

Artificial Intelligence Competition

Softec 2021

The second on the list is the Artificial Intelligence Competition. If you find yourself very keen and expert in A.I then you should apply here.  If you think you own a mixture of multidisciplinary skills ranging from an intersection of Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, Communication and business then it’s the right time to show the world. This competition let you prove your skills not just to the world but most importantly to yourself.

Winner Prize: PKR. 30,000

Runner-Up Prize: PKR. 15,000

Engineering Project Competition

Softec 2021

If you find yourself being interested in robotics or want to be able to make useful inventions, this is your time to shine! This Hardware engineering Competition is changing the fact how this profession was seen as a 2nd option, but now many students dream to do big in this industry.

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