Apple unveils macOS 12 Monterey, Huge Features: WWDC21

We all have been waiting for the new macOS and finally, Apple unveils macOS 12 Monterey with loads of new features.

macOS 12 Monterey

macOS 12

The new macOS is here, and here are some of its great features,

Universal Control

macOS 12

Universal Control is the top line new feature here, which further bridges the gap between desktop and tablet. Sticking the iPad next to a Mac, you can move the cursor between devices using the same trackpad and keyboard. The feature works on up to three devices at once. You can pick up where you lift off and even drag and drop anything! This is the true meaning of AirDrop.

AirPlay on MAC

AirPlay to Mac also blurs that lets you cast content directly to your big desktop screen. You can do this from any Apple device you own.

Shortcuts App on Mac

Shortcuts are also now available on macOS, allowing for simpler automation than the existing Automater. Users will be able to import Automater workflows directly to the desktop version of the popular mobile app. Shortcuts will be coming to Siri, Spotlight, the menu bar and Finder to start. This will save power users a lot of time and energy and it will be way easier to perform a multi-step task with just a click of a button.


macOS 12

Safari is getting some updates, of course. The biggest piece of news on the browser front is the arrival of Tab Groups. Users can group tabs into bundles, which can be shared with other users. The overall look now appears very clean and sleek. Also new are desktop extensions that can now be with iOS and iPadOS.


So what do you guys think of macOS 12 Monterey? Do you like it? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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