Apple HomeOS, HomePod & Apple TV updates: WWDC 21

With the WWDC21 Apple also shines some light on their HomeOS and HomePod updates. These updates truly point at the fully automated home direction.

HomeOS & Connectivity

The new HomeOS is all about connectivity. We can see many of the features that are announced interconnect with each other. Let’s start by;

Home keys feature

This connects to the iPhone’s wallet app as to how it will hold the keys to your house, you can easily and securely open your house through just a little tap on the lock.

Siri, Homepod & Apple TV

Here the connection among the three main parts to the HomeOS has been described. You can now ask Siri through Homepod to play something on your Apple Tv. This will save a bunch of time and energy. As seen on IOS 15 that Facetime can now share shows and music, you can sync shows/music with Apple TV via Facetime and enjoy entertainment with your friends.

Speaking of friends, you can now get suggestion based on who is watching the Apple TV or if you can’t decide, your Apple TV can do it for you! Homepod gets another update and can be used as a speaker for Apple TV.


Finally, you can get the whole home kit, from brands that have collaborated with Apple. The thing about HomeKit is that you can control everything with Siri, the Home app & the Apple watch. Even with the new Doorbell, you can detect stuff like sirens, parcels, animals and more, you can get notifications to your devices when something is detected.

Apple is truly moving towards a fully automatic future and we have to keep up with them. So, what do you guys think of the Apple HomeOS? Will you get any of these products installed? Share your opinions in the comment below.

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