WWDC 21: iPadOS 15 Launched, More Secure, More Features

Today at WWDC 21 Apple unveiled the new iPadOS 15 and the update has bought some pretty big changes to the OS, the look and the feel of the device. They have introduced some new features, privacy attachments and more.

iPadOS 15

WWDC 21: iPadOS 15

Here are the changes coming to iPad OS with the 15th update.


Apple has worked on a new Home Screen for the ‌iPad‌ that will let users place widgets anywhere. An entire app grid will be replaceable with ‌widgets‌ on the ‌iPad‌, a design that is available already on the ‌iPhone‌.


We can now use split-screen and multi-tasking, and there is a new place called “shelf” to pin your undone work.

Accessibility Updates

Apple has introduced several new Accessibility features for ‌iOS and iPadOS 15‌, including; Background Sounds, an option that will allow ‌iPhone‌ users to play various soothing sounds like the ocean, rain, or white noise to drown out unwanted environmental or external noise.

AssistiveTouch, another new feature, will let the Apple Watch be used without the need to touch the display or the controls. the optical heart rate sensor and on-device machine learning will let Apple Watch detect subtle differences in muscle movement and tendon activity that will control a cursor on the screen through hand gestures like a pinch or a clench.

Apple has also worked on ‌iPad‌ eye-tracking, more inclusive Memoji, MFi hearing aid improvements, and more.


Apple has introduced a new subscription service for iCloud that is iCloud+. iCloud+ is an updated version of iCloud with more security updates, like the “Security Relay”, this feature will make you more untrackable and on websites that send you emails for any purpose, an alternate E-mail will be submitted there and then emails will be verified there before being forwarded to you.

Other Features

WWDC 21: iPadOS 15

Including all of this iPadOS is also getting all of the features which we saw on IOS 15.

So what do you think about WWDC 21 iPadOS 15? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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