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Apple WWDC21: IOS 15 Launched with many New Features


Apple is here once again to show all of their latest & greatest updates in the WWDC 21 and today we are going to cover the new improved IOS 15.

IOS 15

Apple’s iPhone’s operating system knows as IOS is on its 15th version simply known as the IOS 15. Last year we saw perhaps one of the biggest updates to IOS which changed the whole look of the operating system with the addition of widgets and other customization options, and now here we are at the launch of IOS 15. Let’s see what changes we got here.

Notification Updates

You now will be able to set notification preferences based on your status with the new “Focus”, for example, you might want sound notifications when you are awake, and while sleeping you can set it to send silent notifications, or when you are at work you can block notifications from some apps and allow some. You will be able to customise different profiles like this from categories like “Driving”, “Sleeping”, “Working”, etc. You will also have a menu for automatic replies. Mode Selection option will be available in Control Center as well as in Lock Screen. We also see the new feature of Notification Summary where you can set the timing for certain apps to only send you notification during that time.


Spatial Audio is now available in FaceTime group calls, there is now noise suppression & wide spectrum sound modes to cancel or add sounds according to your liking. For group video call you can now set grids and even use portrait modes. In addition to all those features, you can now generate a facetime link and get connected to your friends on android as well as windows! Yes, FaceTime on Android or Windows. There is also a new share play option, you can use that option to play music together, or even videos from any major streaming platform, everyone on the call will remain in sync and anyone can interact with the videos.

iMessage Updates

Apple wants to make iMessage more of a competitive platform than just a messaging app. There are many visual updates in the app like you can view pics right from the thumbnail and preview videos and articles. Other than that you can use a new shared section for any kind of shared material like the images will be there in photos and, any song or playlist will be in the Apple Music App.


Live text is a new feature in the photos or camera, where you can select any handwritten text and copy or search it directly, you can also search for locations, other languages and other objects for example the location of a hotel or a breed of any pic of a dog. Photos can now also make collages for you under the name of “memories”. In the Memories tab, IOS will intelligently pick your photos/videos and with a nice song in the background create a nice video for you, or you can do it all yourself.


Spotlight also gets many new features including recognising text and location from the gallery, getting contact info, more quick search results and more!


You can now store “Keys” in your wallet app. Car manufacturers like BMW are collaborating with Apple to make a keyless entry with your iPhone. Other hotels and places are also coming on this feature. We can now also add our IDs and Driver’s License to the Apple Wallet.

Weather & Map

The weather app has got a visual overhaul and became very attractive with live backgrounds. The same goes with Maps, the application is now extremely detailed and pleasant to see, you can clearly see road lines, overlapping roads and other road signs. A 3D navigation option is also on the way.

AirPods Updates

Conversation Boost allows you to hear clearly by reducing background noise and use pointed mics to make the person speaking to you clearer. If now you lose your AirPods you can now use the same type of 3D navigation to find your AirPods.

So what did you think about IOS 15? Do you like the new features? Share your thoughts in the comments below!.

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