Apple AirTags won’t work in Pakistan: Here is why

The world-famous Bluetooth tracking device named the Apple AirTags won’t work in Pakistan! These trackers use a technology that is banned in Pakistan. So don’t buy an AirTag before reading this article.

Apple AirTags won’t work in Pakistan?

After the launch of AirTags by Apple, the world of Bluetooth trackers got hot all of a sudden and now everyone wants an AirTag. And as we know loads of iPhone users in Pakistan would like to have that AirTag to locate their items. But the basic function of the AirTags won’t work here in Pakistan because the U1 chip is banned in the country.

Airtags won't work in pakistan

Apple U1 chip banned?

The newer iPhones that had the U1 chip could not work in Pakistan that’s why Apple had to disable the U1 chip for some of the models that were to be used in those countries as Pakistan isn’t the only one where it’s banned. Now, the chip itself isn’t a problem but the problem is the frequency it works on, that particular set of frequency is not available for Apple to use as it may be sold to some other domain or operator.

How that affects the AirTags?

With that set, you would still be able to use an AirTag here, just its functionality will be limited. You can use the Find My application to find your lost items but you won’t be able to use the U1 chip to find stuff that is nearby you with getting those arrows for navigation. That is one of the main features of the AirTag but you won’t be able to use it here.


So if you are okay with that and won’t use that functionality you may buy the AirTag. The AirTag (single) costs PKR 7,000 ($45) and the keyring costs an extra PKR 8,000 ($52). These are the cheapest pricing you will find here.

So, what do you guys think about the AirTags not working in Pakistan? Will this be a problem for you, or will you still buy the product? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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