Twitter is getting a makeover with Reactions, & New Subscription Service

Twitter is getting a makeover that reportedly will change the platform. According to some leaks they are working to provide users with a Facebook-style reaction system, a way to tip/earn and a Twitter subscription Service. This is supposedly “The New Twitter”

Twitter Reactions

Social network researcher Jane Manchun Wong reports in tweets that Twitter is working on new functionality. This innovation is likely to appeal to many users, who now have an additional way to express their feelings about the content of tweets. These reactions will include options like “Cheer”, “Haha”, “Sad”, “Hmm” and the old “like”. These will surely bring colour to the platform as it will be the biggest change to the usage of Twitter.

Twitter Tip Jar & Super Subscription

This week we reported that the social network is testing “Super Subscriptions”, which will allow you to subscribe to exclusive content from your favourite accounts. In addition, Twitter has been known to be working on a Tip Jar feature for some time now, which will allow users to financially reward content creators. This will transform twitter from being a news platform to being something like Twitch except the live streams. You will be able to support your favourite people instead of just liking them. Imagine someone gives a $1 tip to the president of the USA.

Twitter Blue

Twitter Subscription Service

Twitter Blue is a new subscription service for Twitter that will allow you to change how the app looks for you on a monthly fee. Twitter Blue will cost users $3. Purchasing a subscription will allow users to change the colour of the service interface. Jane hasn’t shown how the redesigned interface will look; but it will likely look similar to the desktop version, with some of the button and hashtag colours changing. The colour list completely repeats the settings of the desktop version. You can truly personalise the app including the colour of the shortcut on your home screen.

Also, in terms of functional options, subscribers will be able to bookmark tweets, cancel posted posts, and gain access to Reading View. The latter forms a long chain of messages into a single text.

So, what do you guys think about the new Twitter? Do you like it now, or it was better before? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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