Samsung hints at Tri-Folding Tablet: Products teased in new video.

Samsung just shared their new video at the annual Display Week Conference where they teased multiple products along with a tri-folding tablet and much more! Here is the complete breakdown of the potential products.

Display Week Conference

The annual Display Week conference tipped off yesterday in San Jose, California and Samsung Display is one of the most active participants. The Korean tech giant is showcasing its next wave of foldable OLED developments and now we get another in-depth look at the devices in a promo video. All of these devices appear super futuristic and include products like a Tri-Folding Tablet, Rolling displays & much more.

Samsung Teased Products

1. Samsung Tri-Folding Tablet

Samsung Tri-Folding Tablet

The first device is a Tri-folding S-fold display. When fully unfolded, the display measures up to 7.2-inches giving users a large display for multitasking and media consumption. We see up to three different apps positioned side by side and also a neat tent fold which can also double as a bedside display.

Samsung Tri-Folding Tablet

The simple folding brings the device to a smaller, pocket-friendly size which would help it slip into a jacket or jeans without any difficulties. When fully folded, the device is definitely thicker than any of the previous Samsung foldables.


2. Samsung Dual-Display Laptop

Secondly, We see Samsung’s new laptop display with an under-display camera which is a whole new concept for the new ultrabook panels with some of the slimmest bezels you’ll see on display. The 17-inch foldable laptop looks inspired by Microsoft’s Surface Neo as it has 2 screens would be a capable productivity machine in a sleek and compact form factor with a versatile hinge mechanism. It can be used so as the first display is extended into the second or both can serve their own function.

Samsung Tri-Folding Tablet

3. Samsung Sliding Phone

Lastly, we are shown the slidable display smartphone teased. We can see the device features a neat use case as it lets you open up notifications on the side as they appear which expand the display. The panel appears to be curved on both sides and can also seamlessly cast content to other Samsung displays with a simple flick. This is shown as the future of Samsung’s hardware and software capabilities.

I am really excited to see these teased products come to life in full production. My personal favourite is the concept of the sliding display tablet as it is shown to be fully automatic and you don’t have to pull the display to extend. But, what do you guys think? Which product was your favourite? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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