WhatsApp Will Limit Features After May 15th For These People

Whatsapp is going to limit some of the features after the 15th of May for those people who don’t accept the new privacy policy. The Facebook-owned messenger has been sending reminders to people to accept the new privacy policy in order to keep using all the features without a problem.

Whatsapp’s New Privacy Policy

Whatsapp is set to roll out its new privacy policy on May 15. The app has been sending reminders to users to accept the new privacy policy but has clarified that it would not delete the accounts of users who do not accept it. However, it does not seem as simple as it sounds. WhatsApp may not delete your account but it is going to limit some basic features.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

Whatsapp was first going to publish the policy on February 8th but due to the huge backlash, they postponed the policy till 15 May. Now, as per the latest updates, WhatsApp is not going to delete the accounts but it will take away some of the basic features. The Facebook-owned messaging app has used a subtle method to make the users accept the new privacy policy. Instead of forcing users and being the villain in this game, they will use this softer method of letting people stay on the platform but will limit some basic features. On one hand, it claims to not do anything drastic like removing the account, but on the other, it will make the app completely useless if users don’t accept the new privacy policy.

Features that get limited

The basic features that will be limited are really the only features people use Whatsapp for. If those features get taken away it just defeats the purpose of the app. The features that get limited will be that the users won’t be able to receive calls or notifications. In short, WhatsApp will stop sending messages and calls to your phone. Now if you guys like the idea of using Whatsapp with most of the features limited then you can do that, but if you want to migrate from Whatsapp, here are the Top Whatsapp alternatives you can use.

Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

What do you think of this? Is Whatsapp forcing users to accept the Policy? Will you guys finally accept the policy or not migrate to another app? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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