Top 10 Smartphones For Tiktok May 2021

Tiktok is becoming bigger day by day and undoubtedly it is one of the biggest social media platforms. If you are a Tiktok star or just a fan of scrolling the app overall, here are the Top 10 Smartphones for Tiktok in May 2021.

We have divided these phones into the following categories;

  1. Best of the Best Tiktok phone
  2. Midrange Tiktok phones
  3. Low-cost TikTok phones

The Best of the Best

Here price doesn’t matter, all that matters is quality, features, and views.

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Top 10 Smartphones for TikTok

I think it is really an easy choice to choose the Samsung S21 Ultra. Along with the premium design and the 108MP camera this phone is packed with features and specifications. Coming with a Snapdragon 888, up to 16GB ram, and a huge 5000mAh battery you can record and edit Tiktok the whole day. Then with the 108MP camera you also get the 50X Space Zoom which can help you film a lot of amazing shots and get you on the “For you page”. and of course with a $1,100 phone, you do get bragging rights to go along. Hence the S21 Ultra was a no-brainer. And even if you aren’t into filming Tiktok the 120Hz AMOLED display with that huge battery you can enjoy watching them.

2. Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Top 10 Smartphones for TikTok

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is another no-brainer when it comes to filming and editing power. The iPhone 12 Pro Max coming with that new A14 Bionic chip will provide you decent battery timing with huge power. The camera of the iPhone is already considered one of the best and now the 12 Pro Max with that bigger sensor & sensor-shift technology you can record some amazing videos. The display is also great with that Super Retina XDR AMOLED display so you can enjoy watching them.

3. Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The Z Fold 2 is a really great phone/tablet. Its one-of-a-kind looks and folding abilities make it different from other phones. Its huge display + battery, make it great for watching Tiktoks all day long. Even for making tiktoks, it’s not bad as the phone has a decent camera system and is great to show off itself.

Last Gen Flagships, Now Cheap

If you want really great features with a good camera, but in a little less price, but you want a flagship. So you can always go for the last-gen of flagships.

1. Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Samsung Note 20 Ultra is the overall best of the Samsung 20 series. Some of the problems that were faced by the S20 Ultra got fixed in the Note 20. This phone comes with the same 108MP camera sensor with space zoom and a really great design. With the Snapdragon 865+, 12GB Ram, and 4500mAh huge battery it will be a good option to shoot & watch videos on Tiktok.

2. Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

Even after all this time, the iPhone 11 pro max hold up really well in 2020 thanks to the A13 Bionic chip and the IOS updates. The device has almost the same design as the iPhone 12 series just without the minor upgrades. The battery life of the 11 Pro Max is even better than the 12 series and you get the same size of the display. The camera is also really good. So overall it is a really great phone for using TikTok.

Best Compact Phone

If you don’t like the big and heavy smartphones and want something small that is great to shoot videos on the go. This category is for you.

1. iPhone 12 mini

Top 10 smartphone for TikTok

The iPhone 12 mini is one of the smallest yet the most powerful phones of 2021. The 12 mini comes with the same A14 Bionic chip and the same camera setup as the other phones in the 12 series but in a smaller form factor. The phone is only 5.4″ in display size which may not be exactly the best for watching but if you want a smaller phone that can record good quality tiktoks the 12 mini is the one to go for.

Best Midrange Phones For TikTok

If you don’t want to spend a lot and want a good phone, here it is.

1. Samsung Galaxy A72

The recently launched Samsung Galaxy A72 is a really great phone for TikTok. It has a newly updated matte design on the back and a 64MP Quad-Camera combined with Snapdragon 720G, 8GB ram, and a 5000mAh battery. The battery will last you quite a while even with a 90Hz AMOLED display so you can enjoy watching tiktoks. The camera is also decent and you can record great videos on it.

Cheapest Phones for TikTok

Here are the cheapest phones on the list that you will find. These phones will work really well with Tiktok but won’t cost a fortune to purchase

1. OnePlus Nord N10 5G

The OnePlus Nord N10 5G is one of the cheapest offers by OnePlus. This phone is not bad for the price you pay as it comes with Snapdragon 690 5G, 6GB ram, & a 4300mAh battery. You also get a quad 64MP camera for shooting and a 90Hz 6.4″ LCD Display.

2. Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro

The Xiaomi Note 10 Pro is one of the cheapest devices to get the 108MP sensor. Powered by a Snapdragon 732G, 8GB ram, and a 5020mAh battery this is easily a bang for the buck. Even if you just want to enjoy and watch tiktoks there is a 6.67″ 120Hz AMOLED display.

3. Nokia 5.4

Nokia 5.4 is a decent phone in this price range. Comming with Snapdragon 662, 6GB ram and a 5000mAh battery this phone have decent specifications. The camera department is also not bad with a 48MP quad lens system. The display on the other hand is a 6.39″ IPS LCD Display which is not that great to be fair. But overall this phone is good what you are paying for it.

So, what do you guys think about the Top 10 Smartphones for TikTok? Do you think we missed any phone? What was your favourite phone from the list? Share in the comments below.

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