10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets You Won’t Regret Buying

We have made the list of 10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets. These gadgets are weird, crazy, and useful, but one thing is clear that you won’t regret buying any of them.

1. Modula 5 Wireless Charger

10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

Modula 5 is a wireless charger, but it’s not like any other wireless charger out there. The Modula Charging pads magnetically connect to each other and provide a charging station where you can charge up to 6 phones at once from one outlet! If you usually have friends over or love to host parties, having a few of these will provide easy charging to everyone! A single charging pad costs $30. You can even buy a pod for the Apple Watch and connect it with the rest of the pads.

2. FlexClip universal mount

10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

This is a little plastic clip that attaches on the back of your phone through the double-sided tape and the other part attaches to anything you want on the back of your phone, for example, your AirPods. Now if you have an android phone that can do reverse wireless charging, this clip is thin enough to allow that. You can clip your Galaxy Buds Pro on the back of your S21 Ultra and never worry about forgetting them or forgetting to charge them. This clip costs $15.

3. Prismo Wireless Charger

10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

You are a gamer and you love RGB, this charger is the thing for you. This is an RGB wireless charger nothing more, nothing less. You can charge your phone wirelessly and enjoy the customizable LED light that will match your setup. This charger comes at $29.

4. SLYK Pillow Stand

If you can’t find a secure place to place your smartphone so that it’s visible to you? Or you want to take a self-portrait but can’t risk dropping your phone by placing it on a ledge? SLYK makes cheap & durable smartphone stands just for you! They are really secure and well made with options like a bathroom & a pillow stand. But overall this is a nice option if you are into this kind of thing.

5. HELM Bolt

You want to use high-end headphones with your smartphone, enjoy rich-sounding music, but aren’t a fan of wireless stuff? You Can Use This! This is a USB-c/lightning to Headphone Jack dongle, but it’s a little bit more than that. This guy has a high-end DAC built inside of it that can help you get really rich sound if you have a nice pair of wired headphones.

6.Wireless Digital Microscope

You can easily find a lot of external microscopic lenses for your smartphone very easily if you really like capturing very close shots. These microscope lenses go up to 1000X magnification and the results are really great.

7. NEXDOCK Touch


10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

This is a laptop without a laptop. Let me explain. This is a touch screen with a battery, a keyboard, HDMI input, and USB-C ports, but what is it for? Well if you own a Samsung device you can use the Samsung DEX on this. You can plug in your Samsung device with the DEX mode on & it essentially turns into a laptop that is powered by your phone! You can also connect other things like a console or a PC through the HDMI, but it’s really good if you don’t want to spend on a laptop but want a bigger display & keyboard/mouse for productivity. This product costs $269.

8. Ember Mug 2

10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

So you like coffee/tea, but your drink stays not so hot while you work? This is the thing for you! It’s a smart mug. This mug connects to your smartphone & you can set the temperature you want your drink to stay at, whether hot or cold! This is a very good-looking mug and also charges on its dock. This really is the future of mugs.

9. Dolly Car

10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets

Dolly Car is a car, that holds your smartphone. You can use this to capture really great and stabilized shots with you not coming in the way. You can just fix your smartphone in the holder on top and let it get some great, smooth cinematics. You can get this for $18.

10. Razer Kishi Mobile Game Controller

This is a smartphone gaming controller that supports the majority of software.s It is one of the better controllers in the smartphone world because of its wide support; iPhones – iPhone X, 11, 12 – Apple Arcade, Amazon Luna, Google Stadia & more. The controller is really well made and very easy to set up, you can refine your aim easily without latency issues. Bonus: it has a USB Type-C port.

These were the 10 Crazy Smartphone Gadgets that are really fun also. We hope you liked the list, if so, tell us your favourite gadget in the comments below.

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