Windows 10X Delayed: Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 better

The much-rumoured Windows 10X is reportedly shelved for now as Microsoft wants to focus on making Windows 10 better. There has been no confirmation yet but according to some reports, Windows 10X is delayed.

Windows 10X

Windows 10X resembles Windows 10 in some ways but has been built entirely on code from a universal Windows codebase called Windows Core OS. This Windows won’t replace Windows 10, plus it eliminates many Windows 10 features including File Explorer, although it will have a greatly simplified version of that file manager.

Windows 10X Delayed

Its interface is simpler and more stripped-down than Windows 10, and it will run only on hardware designed for it, not on all hardware that currently runs Windows 10. The company said it would also run only on dual-screen and foldable PCs, and the operating system would be designed specifically to make the most of that unique hardware.

Most industry watchers believe that Windows 10X is Microsoft’s answer to Chrome OS and will be targeted at schools, where Chromebooks are extremely popular, and also at remote workers in enterprises. It has a simplified Start menu that lets you run Windows 10 apps and web apps by clicking their icons. But there are no live tiles. The basic interface will look much like Chrome OS.

Windows 10X Delayed
Source: Windows Central

Windows 10X Delayed

As we have been seeing many leaks and rumours of Microsoft working on the new updates to not only make Windows 10 better but also give it a new look and feel. Windows 10 Sun Valley is also a part of those updates. So naturally, Microsoft has shelved the idea of Windows 10X so they could push out the updates to Windows 10.

As there will be no successor to Windows 10 it will keep getting better through updates and the Sun Valley will be the biggest change to Windows 10 since launch.

A Canalys market research revealed that the sales of the Chromebook increased dramatically increased by 265% in Q1 2021. Microsoft does need a product to rival the Chrome OS. It remains to be seen whether the new version of Windows 10 will be able to rival Chrome OS. It will be really interesting to see how the Windows 10X turns out to be. What do you guys think of the idea of Windows 10X? Do you think that is windows 10X delayed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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