Best AirTag alternatives for Android Smartphones

Apple just launched the AirTags for iPhones. These tags are little coin-like pucks that you can attach to things and use the find my feature on iPhone to find them in case you lose them. But if you are looking for other options here are the Top AirTag alternatives

Apple AirTags

Top AirTag alternatives

The AirTag is a really great product by Apple. If you are forgetful and tend to lose your things, you can attach a Tag onto them and if you lose them you can use the “Find My” feature on the iPhone to find the items. If you have an iPhone 12 series phone you can actually use real-time AR navigation to find the exact position of the AirTag. You can buy a single AirTag for $30 or a pack of 4 for $100. These are not rechargeable but you can change the coin battery inside very easily.

Now if you don’t have an iPhone but really like the idea of AirTag, here are some great android alternatives.

1. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

The Galaxy SmartTag is a great alternative to the Apple AirTag. You can connect it to your Samsung device and attach it to anything you don’t want to lose. The SmartTag comes in 2 colors black & white. The SmartTag also comes with an easily replaceable coin battery. The SmartTag also uses Bluetooth and uses the Galaxy Find Network. The SmartTag however has one more trick up its sleeve, you can map the button on the Tag to do possibly anything! You can set it to switch your smart lights in your house or set a shortcut on your phone to ring, send a message or call someone. The SmartTag also comes at $29 each but you can find for $23 if you buy from Amazon.

2. Tile

Top AirTag alternatives

The Tile is a well-known tracker. Unlike SmartTag or AirTag the Tile comes in different shapes and sizes, but you can’t charge or change the batteries. Tile can only be tracked for up to 200m in the distance because there is no Finding Network. Tile also doesn’t have any additional features except for tracking, but there is no alternative to other android devices except for this.

I think if you have an iPhone you will obviously use the AirTag, but if you have a Samsung go for the SmartTag instead of Tile. And if you have any other android phone you would have to with Tile. But what did you think of the Top AirTag alternatives? Which was your favorite? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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