Xiaomi Tablets making a Comeback: Should Samsung be worried?

According to a few leaks and hints, Xiaomi is getting back into the premium tablet game, we should expect Xiaomi Tablets to hit the market soon!

Xiaomi Tablets

Xiaomi Tablets, or as better known as the Mi Pads are going to come back in production very soon after Xiaomi had left them in mid-2018. In the Android Tablet game, there are mainly 2 competitors, Huawei & Samsung. But now as we are hearing that Mi Pads are coming back they will have a competition. The leaks point to a really great spec list and possibly great pricing.


According to new info uncovered in MIUI 12.5 system apps by Xiaomi tipster kacskrz and the XiaomiUI Telegram group, we’re in for at least three premium Snapdragon 8-series powered Xiaomi tablets. The new info also reveals a hidden system navigation page for tablets inside the MIUI Home alpha build. The source code reveals three distinct devices with the “Nabu”, “Enuma” and “elish” codenames. Upon further digging inside the software, it was revealed that these models will have Wi-Fi and 5G support.

Xiaomi Tablets

Enuma’s model number ends in K81 while elish ends in K81A suggesting the two could be different variations of the same device. However, Nabu has the model number ending in K82 hinting that it may be a different variant.

Leaked Specifications

On the specifications side of the page, we get to see that all three tablets are said to offer 2560×1600 pixel IPS LCDs with 120Hz refresh rates and 16:10 aspect ratios, the leaks claim nabu will come with a 10.97-inch diagonal. It is also hinted that these tablets will be powered by the Snapdragon 800 series processors, probably the 855+ or 860. Furthermore, we may see 2 of these tablets with Snapdragon 865+ or 870 SoC.

When will these be announced?

It’s not clear when these tablets will be made official. We can only hope that by the end of this year we see certain tablets get announced.

It will be really exciting to see Xiaomi get back in this market. Xiaomi’s aggressive pricing and great specifications would make a great product. But, what do you guys think about Xiaomi Tablets coming back to the market? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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