TCL Fold ‘n Roll: All-In-One Rollable-Foldable Smartphone

TCL has unveiled the new Fold ‘n Roll concept smartphone. But what’s the Fold ‘n Roll you may ask, well it is a concept by TCL of a smartphone that folds and rolls. One can say it’s the TCL All-In-One.

TCL Fold ‘n Roll

TCL Fold 'n Roll

The TCL Fold ‘n Roll can be the world’s first smartphone the folds into a tablet and rolls out further to extend the display even further. Here is everything we know about this TCL smartphone.

What kind of Foldable is the Fold ‘n Roll

The Fold ‘n Roll is an outward folding display, after folding outside into a tablet, it further rolls out to extend the display even further. The hinge appears to be a flexible wider hinge. After the hinge is completely flat (the phone is in tablet mode), it unlocks a place from where the flexible display rolls out to extend.

Size of the displays

The main display (Folded) is a 6.87” screen, which can unfold to 8.85” (which will make it the largest foldable screen yet).

TCL Fold n' Roll

The rollable mechanism extends that to a 10” display which is again the largest yet. More importantly, the aspect ratio becomes way better after the display is rolled out, it becomes wider than square which is better for media consumption and gaming.


As it’s a prototype the specifications are still unknown, but we can expect the best specs when it launches.

Pros & Cons of the Rollable + Foldable

The device will look very cool. It will have the largest display in a foldable yet and the aspect ratio will be better for multimedia consumption. But there will be cons like the phone will be more fragile as it uses 2 mechanisms (folding & rolling). The display won’t be glass as it rolls. It will be hard to take care of such a device, and also the display is an outward folding display so it will be hard to protect the display. Here is a video showing how it works,

When will it launch?

The launch or even production date is unknown as it’s still a prototype/concept. But when it becomes official, you will know it.

Our thoughts.

The concept of a phone which folds and rolls is very cool, but taking care of such a fragile device is very hard. We can make the final verdict on the phone once the specifications and price is revealed. But we want to know what do you guys think? Do you think it will be a hit or a miss? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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