Samsung S22 Design Leak: Shows 200MP Olympus Camera

More and more smartphone brands are looking to collaborate with camera manufacturers to improve the photography performance of mobile phones. Previously, we saw Huawei’s collaboration with Lecia and the recent OnePlus-Hasselblad collaboration. If the leaks and rumors are correct, we might see a Samsung-Olympus Collaboration with the Samsung S22.

Samsung S22

Samsung S22

The Samsung S22 design has been leaked and concepts by Let’sGoDigital never cannot amaze us, so here is the complete collection of all the leaks, rumors & concepts of the S22.

Design Concept

The design concept by Let’sGoDigital shows what possibly could be the S21 Ultra 5G. The concept shows the same camera bump as the S21 Ultra but we see a massive 200MP sensor and a hint at a possible collaboration with Olympus. We see the design gets a little more boxy and thicker than the S21 series.

Olympus Collaboration

Many leaks and rumors point to the fact that Samsung may collaborate with the renowned camera maker Olympus. Several reports have appeared on social media suggesting that Samsung has found a partner in the Japanese photography brand Olympus, with the aim of improving the mobile photography experience with Samsung Galaxy phones.

Samsung S22

The news was first spread via Twitter by Yogesh, it is, therefore, likely that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3, which is expected around July / August 2021, will be the first Samsung smartphone with an Olympus camera as well as the first foldable to hold an S-Pen. Samsung also teased that a new sensor is under making that will be the successor to the 108MP sensor of Samsung, and if Samsung introduces it first there will be a high chance that other companies purchase it from them just like the 108MP sensor is now widely being used in other smartphones.

Under-Display Selfie Camera

Samsung has filed a patent for a full-screen smartphone without a punch-hole camera. The camera system includes a dual camera and a flash. There will be no notch/hole punch on the front display as an internal pop-up display is integrated to cover the selfie camera when not in use. This means that there will be moving components under the display which will cover the selfie camera when not in use so that it is not visible on the front display and the covering will move away from the camera and the lens will be visible. The covering however is a smaller display that will show notifications and time. This mechanically moving sub-display comes with touch support by touching the sub-display, the accompanying application will be opened on the main screen. If you are confused, don’t worry so are we. This isn’t simple and we are not sure how it will work or look in a prototype.

Here is an illustration to help you understand the working;

Samsung S22


What do you guys think about these leaks and rumors of the S22. Do you think the camera will become better with the collaboration? Do you think the selfie camera concept will come to life? Share your thoughts & opinions in the comments below.

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