Tim Cook says his retirement date has not arrived yet

Tim Cook joined Apple in 1997 and became the CEO of the tech giant after the death of Steve Jobs in 2011. He has been the CEO of Apple for almost 10 years now, and people are now questioning for how long he will remain the CEO. Tim Cook celebrated his 60th birthday last year, although he has no plans to leave the chair just now.

In an interview with 9to5 Mac, he talked about his life without Apple. According to him, he can’t imagine his life without Apple. He also hints that he is fine as the CEO for now, but he may retire within the next 10 years.

Tim Cook: In another 10 years? Probably not. But I can tell you that I feel good now and the date has not yet arrived. But ten years is a long time – it may not be ten years.

Swisher [Interviewer]: If you didn’t run Apple, what would you do?

Tim Cook: I don’t know, because I love this company so much, it’s hard to imagine life without it. So I think I won’t know until I’m not here. Because I think I will run fast, I will never really think about it until I stop running. Does it make sense to say that?

Swisher: Maybe just going on vacation?

Cook: [laughs]

Who will be the next CEO Of Apple?

Tim Cook never hinted who will be the next CEO. This might be an alarming situation for the Cupertino giant as many of the company’s long-term executives including Jony Ive, Dan Riccio and Phil Schiller have left. Although, it seems like the company has time to decide.” I feel great right now. And the date’s not in sight,” said the 60-year-old CEO.

Tim Cook also talks about Facebook

TIm cook retirement

They discussed many things in the interview. One of them was Apple’s relationship with Facebook. As you know, Facebook is having a hard time with the upcoming iPhone’s privacy features. According to Tim, he do not see Facebook as a competition and he views privacy as ‘a basic right.’

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