Oppo Portless Phone Has Invisible Cameras, No Buttons & Supports Wired Charging

Oppo behind the curtains may be working on a portless, button-free phone as per the latest leak. This phone will not have any ports or buttons, but somehow it will support wired charging. Let’s know more about this Oppo Portless phone.

Oppo Portless Phone

The Oppo Portless phone’s design has not been seen but we can expect a design similar to the Vivo Apex. The Portless phone will feature no buttons, no ports, no visible camera, so how will it work? Here let me explain,

Oppo portless phone

As per the latest leaks by Weibo, the phone will use pressure-sensitive buttons, the buttons will be inside the body and only a certain amount of pressure will trigger them, now the camera. The camera on the front will be under the display so it won’t be visible, while the camera on the back will be under an electrochromic glass and will be hidden when not in use (similar to the Oneplus Concept One).

OnePlus Concept One

Now for the wired charging, it will have a USB interface that is hidden by a special structural design, which will be absolutely integrated, it means that the port will be completely hidden inside the device which made me think that the charging may be possible from some magnetic contact points that connect the wire to the device and of course you have the wireless charging support as well.

We don’t know if Oppo will officially reveal the phone yet, or if it will go into mass production. But one thing is clear, whether it’s Apple or some other Chinese company, companies are going towards a portless future and we need to be ready to adapt to the big change.

What are your thoughts on this phone? Do you think it will go into mass production? Will you ever buy a portless phone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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