The New Windows 10 look: File explorer change

Along with all the other look and feel changes to windows 10, we now finally get the leaks of the new File explorer change in Windows 10. Here is the new Windows 10 look.

The New Windows 10 look

Microsoft is giving the File Explorer inside Windows 10 a new look with new icons. The software giant has started rolling out a test build of Windows 10 that includes changes to the system icons you’ll find in File Explorer, including the Recycle Bin, Documents folders, and devices like disk drives. We see many changes in the regular desktop icons as well as all the icons inside the file explorer, the new look is a huge change to the original look of the OS.

New windows 10 look

These icon changes may look minor with all the other changes that Windows is getting, but trust me these are going to change the way you are used to seeing windows.

Windows 10

Last Time we discussed all the changes in the start and settings menu of the Windows Sun Valley update and this time we are seeing the changes in the OS overall even inside file explorer and desktop. The smallest of the changes make the biggest of the differences. I think you all would really enjoy the feel of the “new” Windows 10. And also as we shared in the last article, the icon updates will arrive alongside some tweaks to the layout of File Explorer, too. Microsoft is adding additional padding between elements in File Explorer, and there will be a compact mode to return to the classic File Explorer mode. The updated view is a little more touch-optimized and complements the new icons. This new minimalistic look will really change the look of the new windows.

This new update of windows 10 is getting really exciting and I can’t wait for these updates to reach my PC. What do you guys think of the New Windows 10 look? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Tell us what more you think new updates will bring.

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