Black Shark 4 Series Announced Starting At $383 For Insane Gaming Experience

Black Shark 4 series has launched in China. Black Shark is a gaming-oriented smartphone that focuses on performance, battery life, and aesthetics. The Black Shark 3 was released back in March of last year. And today, the successors of Black Shark 3 have released. There are two smartphones released: Black Shark 4 and Black Shark 4 Pro. Let’s have a look at each of them.


The Black Shark 4 series features a simple design. Unlike the previous generations, it has a different look to it. The devices have a glass rear with an “X” texture. The device is 9.9 mm thick. It is difficult to spot out which is the vanilla version and which is Pro as they look exactly the same. However, if you look closely there is LED light on the Pro while the vanilla lacks it.

Black Shark 4 Series Announced Starting At $383 For Insane Gaming Experience
Black Shark 4

The vanilla Black Shark 4 comes in Mirror Black, Ink Sea Black, Lingguang Gray, Storm Blue, and Sakura Dance Pink color options. While, the Pro version features Suikong Black, Prism Gray, Ink Sea Black, and Zhan Yuqing options.

Shoulder keys

For gamers, additional keys are vital. Hence, Black Shark 4 series comes with magnetic powerlifting shoulder keys. The keys come up when required and go into the device when not in use. These keys are specially designed for gamers. It also has a special sound effect. The keys have a 160g key strength and up to 1 million keystrokes life.


Both of the devices get a 6.67-inch E4 AMOLED panel and this time it is a punch-hole notch in the front. Unlike, the previous generations, the company has ditched the big bezels around the screen. The display features 1300nit peak brightness, refresh rate up to 144Hz, 720Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate, and 8.3ms multi-finger touch response delay. DC dimming and MEMC are also present in the Black Shark 4 series.  The Pro phone also has a screen dual-zone pressure feature.


The Black Shark 4 comes with Snapdragon 870 chipset while the Black Shark 4 Pro features Snapdragon 888. There are fancy features like Wi-Fi 6, LPDDR5, enhanced UFS3.1, and it also has the RAMDISK feature that can speed up the loading speed by 20%. There is also an enhanced liquid cooling heat dissipation which is said to reduce the temperature by 18 ℃.

Black Shark 4 Series Announced Starting At $383 For Insane Gaming Experience

There is also another storage feature that is amazing. The Black Shark 4 Pro utilizes its own customized SSD based on UFS 3.1 storage. It has a 55% better read performance and a 69% increase in write performance. In the launch event, they gave an example of the “Tianya Mingyue Knife Mobile Game.” Black Shark 4 Pro can load the game in 16 seconds only. While the Galaxy S21 Ultra took 23 seconds and iQOO 7 took 39 seconds.


Coming forward, the Black Shark 4 series comes with a 4500mAH battery capacity. Isn’t it small? Well, the device features a 120W fast charging technology that can charge the battery in just around 15 minutes.


Black Shark 4 Series Announced Starting At $383 For Insane Gaming Experience
Black Shark 4 Pro

Moving forward, the Black Shark 4 series comes with a triple rear camera setup. The Black Shark 4 Pro gets a 64MP IMX686 primary sensor, while the vanilla gets a 48MP IMX582 sensor. Other than that, both get an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens and a 5MP macro lens. On the front, there is a 20MP selfie shooter.

Audio & other features

The Black Shark 4 Pro surprisingly beats Mi 10S in the audio department. For those unfamiliar, Mi 10S was the number one audio phone in DxOMark tests. However, the Black Shark 4 Pro has replaced the Mi 10S thanks to its fully symmetrical dual speakers and features like DTS, Elephant Sound, AAC Technology, and Cirrus Logic. The phone also features a 3.5mm headphone jack. Other notable features include a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, a Z-axis linear motor, Joy UI 12.5 out of the box, and multifunctional NFC.

Difference between Black Shark 4 & Black Shark 4 Pro

Black Shark 4 Series Announced Starting At $383 For Insane Gaming Experience

First of all, the vanilla Black Shark 4 has an SD870 chipset. While the Pro comes with SD888. The vanilla has a 48MP primary sensor while the Pro gets a 64MP shooter. Also, the Pro comes with a faster LPDDR5 memory with 6400Mbps compared to 5500Mbps of vanilla. The audio quality is also different in both phones with a larger 0.6CC chamber on the Pro. Finally, the vanilla version lacks a screen dual-zone pressure feature.

Black Shark 4 Price & Variants

¥2499 (~$383/PKR.59K) (6GB+128GB)

¥2699 (~$414/PKR.64K) (8GB+128GB)

¥2999 (~$460/PKR.71K) (12GB+128GB)

¥3299 (~$506/PKR.78K) (12GB+256GB)

Black Shark 4 Pro Price & Variants

¥3999 (~$614/PKR.95K) (8GB+256GB)

¥4499 (~$690/PKR.107K) (12GB+256GB)

¥5299 (~$813/PKR.126K) (16GB+512GB)

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