Apple have to pay a fine of $2 Million for greed of $10

Apple has got a huge fine of $2 Million in the Brazilian state of São Paulo over violations of the Consumer Law Code. They have got this fine for various reasons. Lets deep further into why Apple got fined $2 Million

Why was the fine imposed?

Apple decided to remove the charger from the recent iPhone 12 lineup and they said that they are removing the charger for environmental reasons to reduce the carbon immission on the planet, while most of us know the real reason why.

Apple got Fined $2 Million

Apple claims that removing the charger was for environmental reasons and yet they insist you on buying MagSafe which is very inefficient and damages the planet way more because of how slow it is compared to cable charging. The carbon footprint of selling the chargers in separate packaging is way more than when they were inside the box.

Who fined Apple?

Procon-SP, São Paulo’s consumer protection agency in Brazil has fined the company $2 Million because of them not selling phones with chargers inside the box, the agency said that selling an iPhone in the country without a charger in the box is a violation of the Consumer Defense Code. Apple responded to the agency’s concerns by saying that most customers already have spare adapters and that providing another one in the box is unneeded.

Comments from the company

Fernando Capez, Procon-SP’s executive director, put a warning to Apple following the fine, saying that it needs to respect and understand Brazilian consumer law and institutions. Alongside the lack of a charger, Apple is also being fined for misleading customers about the water resistance in iPhones, since the ‌iPhone‌ 7, iPhones have been water-resistant to different specifications. The more recent ‌iPhone 12‌ series, is certified for water submersion of up to 6 meters for as long as 30 minutes. Procon-SP shares that Apple refused to repair devices for customers who had suffered water damage with their “water-resistant” iPhones, even though they’re under warranty. Other charges brought forward to Apple are claims that it deliberately slows down older phones with iOS updates to encourage customers to purchase newer models. Which is surely what everyone knew, the slowing down older iPhone scandal has been on the back of Apple for a long time now

Our thoughts

Honestly, I don’t think that $2 Million matters for a company as big as Apple, they will probably make it back in one day! Especially when Apple will have a chance to appeal to the $2 million fine. If any company is using false advertisements and troubling their buyers, they should be fined!

What are your thoughts on Apple getting fined for $2 Million? Are you guys satisfied with the fine on Apple? Share thoughts in the comments below.

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