Black Shark 4 Series Leaks Roundup: 720Hz Sampling Rate, 120W Fast Charging & More

Gaming smartphones have become a very popular category. Smartphone gaming is evolving day by day. We are not only getting graphics intense games on smartphones but also games like PUBG Mobile are now important e-sport titles. With the introduction of the new Snapdragon 888, ASUS also refreshed its ROG Phone and jumped to ROG Phone 5. Now it’s time for Xiaomi to refresh the Black Shark series. The Chinese company will be launching the Black Shark 4 series soon. Before the launch, we have some specifications leaks as well as some mind-blowing features of Black Shark 4.

Black Shark 3 - Black Shark 3 Pro

The vanilla Black Shark 4 will sport Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor. While the Black Shark 4 Pro will support Snapdragon 888 processor. Both are expected to come with a 4500mAH battery with 120W Fast charging. The series will also have the E4 OLED panel from Samsung, it was also seen on the Redmi K40 lineup.

Black Shark 3 - Black Shark 3 ProBlack Shark 3 - Black Shark 3 Pro

Moving forward, the display will also have a refresh rate of 144Hz. The touch sampling rate of Black Shark 4 is 720Hz. It is very high but not the highest. The recently launched iQOO Neo 5 have a 1000Hz touch sampling rate. This time the vanilla version will have an “X” accent on the rear side. Two colors are confirmed so far. The Black Shark 4 series will be launched on March 23rd. Before the launch, there are some cool features of the series that you should definitely check out.

Some interesting features of the Black Shark 4 series

Motorized shoulder buttons

Black Shark 3 - Black Shark 3 Pro

First of all, the Black Shark 4 series will have motorized shoulder buttons. These buttons will only rise when required. They will retract when not in use, and will rise when you are playing a game. There working will be like a pop-up camera. These buttons will make gaming easier.

Black Shark 4 Pro is the new smartphone audio champion

Black Shark 3 - Black Shark 3 Pro

In DxOMark audio ratings, Mi 10S has been at the top spot for some time now. However, the Black Shark 4 Pro has replaced the Mi 10S and is now the number one smartphone audio champion in DXOMARK audio ratings. The phone scored 81 points compared to 81 of Mi 10S.

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