Windows 10 build 21337: The Windows 10 Refresh

Microsoft is really in the works to give windows 10 a whole new revamp! With the Windows 10 build 21337, the Windows 10 is getting lots of small changes and most of them revolve around the look and feel of the Windows. The changes are shown as they appeared in the builds. However, some of the features may already be available in the stable channel.

Windows 10 build 21337

These are the most important features and improvements that Microsoft has been working on in the last 24 preview builds of Windows 10, and these are being released with the latest build 21337.

Desktop Changes

Starting build 21327, Microsoft has introduced a new set of system icons based on the minimalistic design and built into the new Segoe font. The new font uses slimmer lights, more rounded corners, and a simplified design. Some of the most visible ones can be observed in the start menu and settings options.

Windows 10 build 21337

Also, since build 21277, Windows 10 introduced a new animation for opening and closing windows to make it feel faster and smoother.

Search Changes

Windows 10 build 21337

In the search option, now you will only see the icon of the application instead of the whole folder location or directory.

Taskbar Changes

Windows 10 build 21337

When right-clicking on an app in the taskbar, the menu opens with animation and has more options than before, which makes interactions easy.

New News/Intrest Page

Windows 10 build 21337

Microsoft is also working on a widget known as News and interests. It will sit on the right end of the taskbar and give you all the information with a single click in the form of new widgets.

Changes for the touch keyboard

The keyboard is now a lot smaller and compact, it now has options to add shortcuts on the top and the region to grip and resize has gotten more broad. You can still choose to make the keyboard larger by selection.

Also, there is a new password feedback icon at the left of the space bar key that will be available when you are typing a password, and you want to enable visual keypress feedback on the keyboard.

File Explorer Changes

The folders now have more space in between them so you can easily select and organize according to different padding options, but if you don’t like the new look you can go back to the old look just with a simple click.

Task Manager

In the Task Manager, the Processes tab now shows Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) installed using Microsoft Edge correctly under “Applications” rather than in “Background Processes.”

Windows 10 build 21337

In addition, the tab will now show the icon for the app to make it easier to identify.

Optimization for Drives

Windows 10 is also tweaking the Optimize Drives tool to include a new Advanced view option to generate a list of all the available partitions.

You will have a cleaner look in the UI and can choose to optimize any portion of a drive so that it can be more efficient.

Application Improvements

The applications will now follow the system-wide mode of light or dark and set appearance accordingly. This is not a feature available on all applications at this time. However, you can see this change on built-in apps like Windows Security, Calculator, Groove Music, and the Settings app.
Microsoft is making some additional changes to the app experience. For instance, Windows 10 now includes a new version of Notepad that updates from the Microsoft Store. Windows 10 will no longer list the People app as a standalone app in the Start menu. The app will continue to be available, but the option will only be available in the Mail and Calendar apps.

Snipping Tool

The legacy version of the Snipping does not include significant improvements. However, you can use the Windows key + Shift + S keyboard shortcut to take a screenshot and paste it directly into a folder in File Explorer.

Display Refresh Rate

Windows 10 build 21337

The display page has been updated to include the ability to adjust the display refresh rate.


On Settings > System, the Sound page since build 21292 shows a message that the permissions for the microphone have been disabled for the entire system or all apps.

Storage/ Drives

On Settings > System, the Storage page now includes a health monitor feature to keep tabs on the health of Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) Solid-State Drives (SSDs). In the event of a problem, you will see a notification that you can click to read more details and access the drive to rescue the data before it’s too late.

Ethernet and Wi-Fi

The Ethernet and Wi-Fi pages will now make specifying a static DNS address a requirement and assigning a gateway address, not a requirement when setting up a static TCP/IP configuration.

Also, you will notice that when setting up a static IP address configured, you can now specify a subnet mask

Date & time

In Time & Language options, the Date & time page does not include new changes, but there are some improvements for the “Set time zone automatically” feature. For instance, when your time zone changes due to high confidence detected location change, Windows 10 will pop a notification informing you of the change.

Windows Setup

Now at the start, Windows will ask you to select an option so that your windows may be configured to that way. For instance, there will be options like Gaming, Schooling, or Entertainment and windows will set the options to suit your needs, or you can skip and customize yourself.

Although most of them did not include many significant changes, when we step back and gather them all together, we can see that Microsoft is planning a lot of changes for the next version and follow-up versions of Windows 10. I personally am very ready to see this updated version of Windows 10.

What are your thoughts? Which feature was your favorite? Share with us in the comments below.


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