Galaxy A52 & A72: Which Processor Are They Really Using?

Shortly before both phones the Samsung Galaxy A52 & A72 were launched, both the phones are really great on the spec sheet but Samsung didn’t tell us about the chipsets which the phones were using.

 Galaxy A52 & A72

According to leaks and rumors, the 4G A52 and the A72 will be using the Snapdragon 720G but according to some articles the phones are using Snapdragon 732G. Other Specifications of the phone include a 90Hz AMOLED display, 8GB RAM, and 128GB base storage along with a 64MP primary camera but we have no idea why has Samsung not shared the processor that they are using in the phones? Is it possible that they might be using a lower chipset to save money but don’t want the people to know?
But if that’s the case in an unboxing video we were shown that the Samsung A52 is using the 720G, can it be that globally the phones get Snapdragon while in some parts of the world they get Exynos equivalent just like in A71?

We can confirm through sources that the Samsung A52 & A72 will be getting the Snapdragon 720G while the 5G version of A52 will get the Snapdragon 750G. The use of the Snapdragon 732G is false news, however, we can never be so sure about the Exynos usage situation and have to wait to find out!


Now that the specifications are out of the way let’s talk about which device is better? The Samsung Galaxy A52 or the Samsung Galaxy A72. Here we will compare them to see which one provides better value for money.

The Samsung A52 comes with almost the same specifications as the A72, both phones come equipped with the same Snapdragon 720G chipset and both have the 8GB ram as well as 128GB storage options as common. The only differences between these two are that the Samsung A72 gets a 5000mAh battery instead of a 4500mAh on the A52, the A72 has a 3X Telephoto lens instead of a depth sensor and finally, the A72 is 0.2″ larger in screen size than the A52. First of all, according to my calculations, the extra 500mAh of battery life gets balanced because it has to power a larger display, so we are left with the large size and the telephoto lens. If you think that little bit of extra screen and a telephoto lens is worth paying $180 extra then you may go for the A72, but if you ask me I will always prefer the Samsung A52 and I will save the extra cash or maybe get a faster charger, or a smart tag, or earbuds, etc. You can purchase whatever you like best of both but in this comparison, I will go for the A52.

But if you get the A52 5G in the game, the story changes, you will be paying $130 more than the regular A52 for 5G, a more powerful chipset and a 120Hz display and all of it still being $50 cheaper than the A72.

So final verdict, if you want the phone that has the best price for the performance go for the A52, if you have 5G in your area and are willing to spend a little bit more for a more powerful chipset and a smoother display go for the A52 5G and if you want the 0.2″ more of display you can go for the A72.

Clearly, the Samsung A52 is the boiler’s favorite device here with the A52 5G coming at 2nd, while the A72 is still a great phone, it isn’t that great in the price to performance ratio.

What do you think of this situation? Which side are you on? Team Exynos or Team Snapdragon? Do you prefer the A52, the A52 5G, or the A72? Share with us in the comments below! I will always be team Snapdragon and team A52.

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