ROG Phone 5 Ultimate: 5 Features That Will Blow Your Mind!

The Asus ROG Phone 5 recently got launched. It comes in three variants but the most top of the line is the ROG Phone 5 Ultimate. So here are 5 features of the ROG Phone 5 that will blow your mind!

The ROG phone 5 Ultimate is really a monster when it comes to the specifications, with 18GB ram and Snapdragon 888. But the real cherry on top is the features of this Gaming Phone.

1. The Screen on the Back

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

There is a little screen on the back of the phone which is fully customizable according to your liking. It can display your name, your logo, the battery percentage, or anything you want it to! It is also oriented so no matter how you hold the phone, the display will always show upright

2. Built-in equalizer + AMP

The ROG phone 5 Ultimate has a built-in equalizer to set up according to your sound preference, you can customize the dual front-facing speakers. They have Dolby Atomos support and they are the loudest of any phone.

This phone not only has a headphone jack, but there is also an AMP inside. You can fully customize the sound and the 3D sound through the settings and can use any headphones/earphones.

3. Add-On Accessories

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

This Gaming phone also comes with Gaming accessories. You can easily attach accessories on the back using the connection pins on the side of the phone. Accessories can provide you cooling solutions like a fan, can provide you extra ports like a charging port and another headphone jack on the side, or you can plug in the controller accessory to help you play games with extra grip and tactile buttons.

4. Dual Charging Port

Yes, this phone has 2 charging ports. One in the bottom of the phone and now in the side, so when you are gaming on your device and have it in landscape mode the wired won’t budge you. Those ports feature a 65w charging speed to fill up the huge 6,000mAh battery. The phone also has a charging bypass mode where you use to charger to directly power the phone instead of charging the battery so that your phone will not get hot during gaming.

5. Extra Mappable buttons

This phone has 4 extra touch-sensitive buttons that can be mapped via the built-in software to any button in the game. 2 buttons are on the side of the phone just like shoulder buttons on a controller while the other 2 are on the back of the phone. They are very sensitive and can be used for anything.

ROG Phone 5 Ultimate

I think this is a very over-the-top phone with huge specs and great features, but it is targeted at gaming before anything else. So it has decent cameras, a good screen with a 144Hz refresh rate which can be used on a daily basis.

What do you think about the phone? Will you buy this phone? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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