Google is working on hearing aids that could give you “super-hearing” power

Alphabet Labs along with Google is currently working on a device for Super Human hearing and this project is under the codename “Wolverine.” This project is to give humans the power of super hearing. The project is named after the superhearing ability of X-Men’s Wolverine.

What is this technology?

Alphabet labs are working on a device that could give people Super Human hearing. According to the information, they’re currently trying to figure out how to isolate people’s voices in a crowded room or make it easier to focus on one person when overlapping conversations are happening around you. We are seeing this type of tech become more and more common as Noise-Cancellation is getting to more and more earphones, only some research is required before it may be possible.

How will it work

It is still under research so we can’t be so sure about how it will work, but the company has tried some prototypes of the devices but those are huge because the device has so many microphones. Those microphones will either work like in Noise-Cancellation or they focus on a particular location to make them sound more clear and loud.

According to Insider, “Multiple people from hearing technology companies have joined the team, including talent from Starkey Hearing Technologies and Eargo” That means that this is a huge project which is not only for one market. The Team’s goal is to use a sound separation engine to silence the outer sound and adapts to the user’s environment and work accordingly.

Super Human Hearing

Alphabet’s team isn’t focused on just one device or one use case, The team is looking to build a successful business with multiple devices and models that can be used by everyone. We may see this from the smaller-sized Ear Buds to the larger scale hearing aids. So if they’re successful, you might see people start wearing Google-owned hearing aids. It is truly ground-breaking to have such technology in such a small size.

What do you think about this? Do you think it will be a success? Will, you ever use them? Tell us in the comments below.


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