Realme 8 Pro 108MP Camera Capabilities Revealed

Realme just hosted the camera innovation event where they announced some great camera features for the Realme 8 Pro and revealed the 108MP camera sensor on the phone. Here is everything you need to know about the Realme 8 Pro’s camera capabilities discussed in the Camera Innovation event.

Realme 8 Pro Features 108MP Camera

Realme 8 Pro's 108MP Camera Capabilities Revealed

Realme just announced that the new Realme 8 Pro will get the new Samsung ISO CELL HM2 108MP sensor. With a size of 1/1.52″ and a resolution of 12000×9000. This is a truly monstrous sensor. This sensor will also support 9 in 1 Pixel Binning to increase the quality of your photos and improve night mode shots. This will also have a smart ISO sensor that can automatically adjust the best ISO setting for the device keeping the pictures sharp and less grainy. The details on the 108MP are great so you can crop up to 10 times and still have good quality details.

In-Sensor Zoom Technology

Realme 8 Pro's 108MP Camera Capabilities Revealed

The second 12MP sensor has an in-sensor zoom technology which intelligently uses hardware and software to improve the zooming quality providing the sharpest and detailed images even while zooming.

Starry Video Mode

The Realme 8 Pro has improved the Stary Mode a lot from the last generation, the pictures are much more clear, have much less grain and appear bright. And now they also have a Starry Time Lapse mode which makes it so you can make timelapse of the stars in the sky. The mode works with great technology involved, the camera takes a high-quality picture every 16 seconds and after 15 of the shots are taken the camera combines them into a single frame giving you the smooth experience you need while not putting so much load on the smartphone so it can take longer videos with ease.

Tilt-Shift Photography

This type of photography was only limited to full-sized cameras with expensive lenses to give the effect, but the Realme 8 Pro will give out this effect live in the camera app and the results are really good. The tilt-shift mode keeps only a particular area in focus while blurring out the rest.

Portrait Mode

Realme 8 Pro's 108MP Camera Capabilities Revealed

The Portrait Mode on this phone has gotten some big upgrades from the last-gen. There are some new options such as Neon Portrait mode which increases the light behind you creating a neon effect, another effect is the AI-Color Portrait mode where the phone uses AI to keep the person in color while giving the whole background a black and whitewash.

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