iPhone Says Good Bye To Old Notch, Will Use Punch-Hole Notch

New leaks suggest that the 2022 iPhone might finally ditch the huge notch and go for a hole-punch design. Leaks about the confirmation of the iPhone SE 5G? Here you will know all you need to know about these leaks. This might be the time for the iPhone Punch Hole notch.

iPhone SE 3

iPhone punch hole notch
Image Courtesy Youtube.com/4RMD

Kuo also rumored that there will be another iPhone SE coming with an upgraded chipset and Face ID. He says that Apple will continue to push the same design but some other leaks oppose that and say we should expect an iPhone 11 type design with Touch ID on the power button of the phone. This iPhone SE will also have 5G support to cope with the latest standards.

iPhone with the Punch-Hole Notch

New rumors from long-time Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF International Securities cites suggest that the next year’s iPhone Pro models might not have the old notch at all. They will use a hole-punch for the selfie camera. The iPhone 14 Pro (or whatever it may get called) will be the first iPhone to break the cycle of repeating the same Notch style from iPhone X!

Picture Courtesy: EverythingApplePro EAP

We may finally get to see a new screen design that may be similar to a lot of android phones as the name suggests it is what most android phones use nowadays. If Kuo is correct we will see the Hole-Punch for the front-facing camera in at least one model of iPhone in 2022 most presumably the top models which will be the Pro or the Pro Max. The feature could also stay only with the Pro Max just as we saw the sensor-shift stuck with the 12 Pro Max.

But other design renders by Everything Apple Pro from youtube show a different application of the punch hole as it appears different from the one that is common in the android zone.

Apple patent for 240Hz Displays

Some other leaks also tell that Apple won a patent for 240Hz LTPO displays, what do we expect them on? Maybe a future iPad with a 240Hz LTPO display or maybe the new successor to the iPhone 12S/13.

iPhone 12S

iPhone punch hole notch
Image Courtesy: EverythingApplePro

And here are some leaks that you should expect for the upcoming iPhone or the iPhone 12S. The upcoming iPhone will have a smaller notch along with a 120Hz LTPO panel with an Always On Display. The phone will get a little bit thicker and the MagSafe magnets will be getting stronger.

Airpods Gen 3

iPhone punch hole notch

We also know that Apple is working on the Airpods Gen 3. These will be a hybrid between Airpods and Airpods Pro with no ANC but it will sure have Spacial Audio. The charging case will also be getting smaller.


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