POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

Update 3/2/21: It has been confirmed that the Redmi K40 (M2012K11AC) will be rebranded as POCO F3 for the global market. It is also certified in India as well as in the US. 

POCO F3 is the upcoming flagship killer phone which we all were waiting for. POCO F3 is what we are expecting to call it. It can be the POCO F2, but it will create some confusion as to the Pro version of Xiaomi

POCO F2 was launched last year. Hence, good chances are it will be the POCO F3. And as far as rumors suggest it will be a re-branded Redmi K40 smartphone. Below are the complete POCO F3 specifications, pricing, and list of countries where Xiaomi POCO F3 is expected to launch.

Redmi K40 to be rebranded as a POCO phone?

POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

First of all, let me answer this question. Will the Xiaomi Redmi K40 be rebranded as a POCO phone? Well, the answer is yes. Most probably. As you may know Redmi K30 last year was re-branded as POCO F2 Pro in the global market. It clearly suggests that Xiaomi Redmi K40 will come as a rebranded POCO Phone probably the POCO F3 in the global market.

Xiaomi Poco F3 Specifications

POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

Considering,¬†Xiaomi POCO F3¬†will be the¬†Redmi K40, it will be having the following specifications.¬†6.67-inch AMOLED FHD+ punch-hole screen,¬†Snapdragon 870,¬†LPDDR5 6, 8 & 12GB RAM,¬†UFS 3.1 storage,¬†Wi-Fi 6,¬†128/256GB¬†Storage,¬†4520mAh¬†battery,¬†and a¬†691359 antutu benchmark score¬†with¬†33w fast charging. Hence, the battery won’t be an issue¬†on the POCO F3.

POCO F3 top features

1. Display

The display is compromised in many smartphones. Especially in non-flagship phones, companies often ignore display and rather add fancy features of no use. But on the Xiaomi POCO F3, you will be getting top of a line flat display. It features a 6.67-inch E4 AMOLED FHD+ display. However it does not feature a pop-up camera nor the under-display selfie camera, but still, the notch is not bad. The POCO F3 uses a smaller hole punch for the front camera the size of the front hole-punch is 2.76mm. The 3.3mm chin is ultra-narrow and very small.

POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

The new ‚ÄúTrue Tone technology‚ÄĚ Changes the¬†screen¬†with the ambient color temperature of the environment. It has a¬†120Hz refresh rate¬†E4¬†AMOLED¬†panel. You will feel like you are reading from a notebook. Plus it also has a fancy 360Hz¬†touch sampling¬†rate which gamers will love.

2. Performance

Snapdragon 870 is powering the Xiaomi POCO F3. It is a flagship tier processor. Is it stronger than Snapdragon 888? No. Is it stronger than Snapdragon 865? Yes. The Snapdragon 870 is actually the overclocked version of Snapdragon 865 Plus. The Plus model was launched last year and was seen in gaming phones. So you can imagine how strong the OC version of Snapdragon 865 Plus would be. Throw any game at it, it will run like buttery smooth.

3. Speakers

The POCO F3 has a ton of features. It is actually having many features that will attract gamers and multi-media consumers. First of all, it features audio-visual technology that will help in gaming, highly precise surround sound & high res wireless audio. The stereo speakers are amazing on the POCO F3.

4. Design

Design¬†of POCO F3? Very attractive. It takes the idea from the flagship¬†Xiaomi Mi 11 phone. Very similar design, it makes the POCO F3 look classy. This design is a lot better than POCO F2 Pro which unfortunately was not the best in terms of design. However, you will really like POCO F3’s design. I won’t be wrong to call it one of the best designs from Xiaomi. It truly will suit the F-series flagship phone.

In which countries will POCO F3 (Redmi K40) launch?

POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

The Redmi K40 comes with the model number M2012K11AC in China. Phone with M2012K11AC were certified in many countries as well. Some countries where the phone with the M2012K11AC model number was certified are listed below.

1. Pakistan

POCO F2 Has Arrived In Pakistan!

A phone with model number M2012K11AG was certified. It clearly is the Redmi K40 phone means it is actually the global version of POCO F3. It has been imported in Pakistan and will be launching soon.

2. Indonesia

3. Singapore

4. India

5. USA

Expected pricing of POCO F3

POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing

POCO F3 starts at 1999 yuan (309.66 USD) for 6GB+128GB, and then goes up to 2199 yuan (340.64 USD) for 8gb+128GB, 2499 yuan (387.11 USD) for 12gb+128GB, and 2699 yuan (418.09 USD) for 12gb+256. Expect a higher price for the global version though. Let us know what do you think of POCO F3 aka POCO F3: List of countries, specifications, features & expected pricing mi K40. Do you think it will come as aggressively in the global market? 

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