Get ready for a new Windows: Sun Valley update is coming!

Microsoft is working on a major update for Windows 10. It is expected to come later this year. It will bring with it a refreshed design and new features. Codenamed Sun Valley, will be the biggest update to Windows 10 since the launch of the OS. Microsoft has used the term “The New Windows” to create hype and advertise the update as much as possible.
Unfortunately, Microsoft hasn’t let off much information about this but we definitely do have some leaks and rumors, so let’s discuss them.

Windows 10 UI Changes

Microsoft wants to freshen up the Windows 10 user interface a bit. This will include rounding off corners on buttons, app windows. And group together elements such as the Start menu and Action Center. They are cleaning up parts of the OS to create a simpler, cleaner user experience that caters to today’s more modern workflows.

Windows 10
Source: Windows Central

Microsoft wants a “simplified” Taskbar that will clean up the system tray by moving most of it into the Action Center, just like on Windows 10X. And for the Start Menu, all the sharp corners are gonna get rounded off. Just as we can see in the pictures below by Windows Central.

Windows 10
Source: Windows Central

Now again in a tweet by Zac Bowden, he shows that how the taskbar menu will become floating and will be rounded off.

Windows 10

Windows 10
Source: Zac Bowden

Most pre-installed apps will also get the same look updated to match the OS and maybe we will also see some new animations to make the overall experience smoother.

New Expected Features

We expect to see widgets on the taskbar which will provide a quick view of what’s going on like your next To-Do task or weather. We can also see a change to the snap assist view where the tabs open on Microsoft Edge will now show up separately. We will also see a battery usage chart. Other Rumors include a to-do list feature for the taskbar, a gesture-based system for trackpads and touchscreens, a resizeable taskbar, and an overall cleaner look.

When to expect it.

Some rumors suggest that this version will launch in October of 2021 as it will be the final big update to Windows 10, while through the source of @Walkingcat we can also expect it in March of 2021, which is a little bit too soon maybe?


Even according to some other sources, Microsoft is currently planning to hold the “New Content of Windows” event in April/May. Tell us what are your thoughts on this new Windows Sun Valley update? Share your opinions in the comments.

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