This Tencent Red Magic Gaming phone can charge at 120W and has a FAN!

At the end of January, the Red Magic Gaming Phone officially announced a strategic cooperation with Tencent Games, so the new phone is also prefixed with “Tencent”. The New Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 is now confirmed to release. This phone is going to be a literal beast considering the 20000rpm cooling fan and the 120W charging speed!
Tencent Red Magic 6 will be officially released at 19:00 on the evening of March 4. It will be released on the same day as Realme GT.

Tencent Red Magic

Tencent Red Magic 

Tencent is quite a popular company for creating games, but now they have stepped into the phone market as well with the help of Nubia Red Magic. This Gaming phone is a collaboration between both companies and on paper this phone is insane! Let’s take a deep dive into this.


This phone will come with the Snapdragon 888 along with 12GB ram and up to 512GB storage options. It will have a 6.65″ (1080 x 2340 pixels) AMOLED display with a 144Hz refresh rate and top it all of with a 4500mAh battery.
Other features include an In-Display fingerprint scanner and a cooling fan inside the phone. The phone will also have shoulder triggers to help with gaming.

Tencent Red Magic

Charging Speed

This Phone is rumored to have a 120w Super Fast charging which will get the battery from 0% to 50% in just 5 minutes. Mr. Ni Fei had the following sayings to make the charging popular;

More and more new machines don’t come with a charger, and some don’t come with a charger, such as a 30W charger when it supports 65W fast charging. The Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6 supports 120W fast charging and comes standard with a 120W gallium nitride charger, to emphasize: it comes standard with a smaller, lighter, more efficient gallium nitride fast charger! I just tried it, 5 minutes to charge from automatic shutdown to 50%, this speed nb not?

Also, when it comes to super-fast charging people always worry about heat and safety issues. But these problems have been perfectly solved by the Tencent Red Magic Gaming Phone 6. The super-fast charging graphite + high kinetic electrolyte + high strength diaphragm can ensure the kinetic performance of the battery, but also take into account the safety performance. The full pole lug structure design drastically reduces the internal resistance of the battery, and the charging speed is fast and steady!


Tencent Red Magic

But, won’t the phone get hot? Well, don’t worry about that because the Tencent Red Magic will come with an industry-level cooling system.

Cooling System

Ni Fei issued a text revealing that the Tencent Red Magic 6 cooling technology, is the industry’s strongest flagship cooling system, in the air + liquid dual cooling system support one can play a full-blooded performance of Snapdragon 888, more than 2 hours of continuous play at elite peace, the temperature of the phone is still just warm.

Tencent Red Magic

This phone will come with a FAN inside it that can spin at 20,000 RPM! It will be the first phone to have that, especially at such a blazing fast speed! not only that but the phone contains the industry’s original built-in fan + canyon duct combination air cooling, plus VC liquid cooling (the industry’s thinnest 0.33mm), thermally conductive copper foil, thermal gel, high thermal conductivity graphite, aviation-grade aluminum alloy cooling ice blade, this is the highest seven-layer multi-dimensional cooling system we have ever seen.

Tencent Red Magic

The cooling system is even better than some PC and consoles!
the Tencent Red Magic 6’s cooling design is probably the most complex and sophisticated cooling system, the air-cooling, which is the main strength of the Red Magic gaming phone, has a built-in high-speed centrifugal fan of up to 20,000 rpm, comparable to the speed of a Formula 1 racing engine.

Release Date

The Chinese company just announced the phone release date to be 4 March in China, we did not get knowledge for the global release of the phone.

Tencent Red Magic




What do you think about the Tencent Red Magic 6 Gaming Phone? Will you buy this?

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