Samsung Galaxy Note 21 FE Will Blow You Away!

The Note 21 FE is rumored to be the next Galaxy Note in the line-up. It will be a budget Note with the S-pen and note features. Let’s have a look.

There have been rumors in the past that Samsung is going to kill the Note series. But it may have one final blow with the Note 21 FE

Note 21 FE

The Note 21 FE will be the next and maybe even the final addition to the Note we will ever see.

Yet there are no official announcements for this phone but if we go back on Samsung’s path a couple of years we see that they launch a budget model after the success of the main flagship.
This gets the name of the flagship series but with a lower price and lower specs. The explanation to why they name it after the flagships even though Samsung has plenty of budget options is because many people enjoy the name and they don’t feel like they are getting a lower-end device.

For example, after the S10 we got the S10 lite, after the Note 10 we got Note 10 lite, but after the S20 we got the S20 FE (Fan Edition) to ignore the fact that it is a budget device they removed lite from the name and now you are getting a Fan Edition of the device with all the features which were loved by the fans and without some extra costing bells and whistles.

Now this year we expect then to launch a FE model for the Note 20, it may be called the Note 20 FE but as it’s 2021 Samsung might prefer to call it the Note 21 FE.

Furthermore, we got a peek at what the Note might look like thanks to Let’s go digital and the artist Giuseppe Spinelli

Death of the Samsung Note?

 As rumors from before, Samsung might be killing the Note Series and maybe the Note 21 FE will be the final one we see. Considering that Samsung is bringing the Note features to the S line-up, more specifically the Ultra phones. We saw earlier that Samsung brought the S-pen to the S 21 Ultra as the final piece of the puzzle after bringing all the other specs, like the Big display, a big battery, and loads of RAM. After seeing all the steps the company is taking it is safe to assume that the Note series will be gone for good and the Fold will replace it. While we think it’s true the news was denied by a Samsung Official. In December 2020, a Samsung official told News Agency, “We are preparing for a Galaxy Note series release for next year.” Afterward, other publishers have also checked with Samsung. Samsung is still be committed to the Note lineup, was the general answer.

Features of Note 21 FE

The Note 21 FE will surely come with an S-pen because Samsung has never introduced a Note without the pen and most likely this will be no exception.

It will have a decent battery of around 4500Mah because they do have to keep the budget low.

It will have the latest One UI 3 with android 11

with the hardware it might not be the greatest, it is a budget after all. It may come with an Exynos 990 / Snapdragon 865.

It will still have all the Note features.

And as you all may know it will not be coming with a charger. However, some leaks suggest that Samsung is working on a 65W charger. It’s quite unsure that what is the huge charger for perhaps the Galaxy Fold 3 maybe? or maybe Samsung will advertise it as an all-in-one charger that you should buy to charge your laptop, phone, tablet, etc.


These are the specs that are expected to come with the Note 21 FE.

  • 6.1″ AMOLED Display
  • 4500 mah battery
  • 8 GB ram
  • 128 GB ROM
  • 64 MP main camera

These appear fairly decent on paper. And yeah Note 21 FE will have some new and flashy colors.


The design of Note 21 FE is very similar to the S21. We see a triple camera set-up with the matte back color and the glossy textured camera bump. It will mostly have bright colors as for the rendering we see only in white so far.

Note 20 FE
The camera will be melted in the sides and the sides will be glossy metallic along with a dual-textured S-Pen.
The front will most likely have a 6.1″ Display with a center hole-punch cutout.


There is no doubt that the Samsung Note 21 FE will have quite the competition when it launches in the market.

Almost every mobile phone manufacturer has stepped into the budget market even Apple. Understood that the Note 21 FE will be one of a kind in the budget market, as those people who still have an older note will now be able to upgrade to the latest phone without spending much and they still have their beloved S-pen right in their phone. On the other hand, the iPhone SE 3 will be quite an obstacle for the Note, people will definitely consider it and will have to make a hard decision to choose one. But if done right the Note 21 FE has the potential to crush the market.

Price & Launch

This phone may be launched in just around the next 6 months as observing the previous launch patterns of Samsung.
And as for the price, we know that the cheapest note 20 model is around 680$ so the FE will definitely be cheaper than that, it is very hard to guess the price now but if we were to shoot an arrow in the dark it may retail for around 600$.

Samsung Note 21 FE
Image Credits; Let’s Go Digital & Giuseppe Spinelli

Will you be buying the new Note 21 FE?


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