Apple Flip Phone: It’s not what you think!

Apple Flip phone or the iPhone Flip is not any ordinary flip phone. The iPhone Flip will potentially be Apple’s new flip phone. How, What, When, Where all questions of yours will be answered here. Here is all we know about it.

What is the Foldable iPhone?

The Foldable iPhone isn’t the official name, you may call it whatever, iPhone Fold, iPhone Flip, iPhone 14, but all we know is for sure that Apple is working on one & most likely it will come out sooner than later.

Rumors & Leaks

We have seen plenty of rumors and leaks floating around and we have collected all of them here for you.

  • It could be a clamshell design like Z-flip.
  • It might have no ports.
  • It might be a flexible display or maybe a dual display.
  • We can’t expect it until 2022 as information gained by Jon Prosser.

That is what we are working with here, we also do know from sources that Apple was in talks with Samsung for getting flexible displays, and in fact, Apple is testing some samples.

The Design of the Apple Flip

The design will not be that simple and as it won’t be happening in 2021 we don’t have a lot but some info through the leaks and we would like to share it with you.

Image credit: USPTO

As for the foldable phones that are available right now we have 2 major designs. we have a clamshell design (Galaxy Z flip) and a Foldable Tablet (Z fold 2). It is clear that Apple will follow one of the two designs. But wait, we do have another Foldable, the Dual-Screen foldable (Surface Duo), But again according to sources, Apple has been testing only 2 designs a clamshell and a foldout hybrid tablet. Any of the paths can be chosen by the company so let’s break them down.

Clamshell Design

In the Clamshell design, we see a large display folding vertically inwards to become smaller and pocketable.

iPhone Flip

We know from February last year, that Apple is testing a technology that would theoretically allow the foldable display to bend in the middle without creating excessive stress on the panel. The screen will not completely fold in half but leave a slight gap in the middle which is quite similar to Z-Flip, and after seeing the phone in hand we can assure that it is sturdy and the design is successful.

Image credit: USPTO

We also know that closed there will be a secondary display that will be used for notifications or maybe even slight control depending on the size of that display.

The Hybrid Tablet Design

In this design, we see 2 displays, a smaller and a larger one. A large flexible display that folds inwards for protection and then an outer glass display to interact normally with your phone.

Apple Flip
Picture Credits, iMore

We can see that Apple may market it as the iPhone-iPad hybrid. You have a powerful small phone to carry with you and you have a powerful iPad all in one, maybe even with Apple pencil support as it will be a game-changer for all those artists begging to get Apple Pencil support on iPhone.

Release Date Expectations

As per sources let’s not expect this anytime soon. The closest we can think is in 2022 with the iPhone 14 but it maybe is delayed another year or so. We can never be sure.


It’s hard to expect the price without having a past of a product, but we do have a guess. If Apple plans to compete with the Z-flip then we might see it in an affordable range, but if it’s to compete with the Z-Fold 2, we can expect above 1000$ for sure.

Final Verdict

We are still nowhere close to learning about Apple’s Foldable but one thing is for sure that Apple may be slow but if they manage to produce a good foldable, it will become the most popular foldable in the world and Samsung might have to make their grip stronger till then.

What do you think about the new market for foldable phones?

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