iPhone SE 3 Design Exposed: Mixed Feelings!

The budget section of Apple has been well known to consist of the iPhone SE. We saw a new upgrade last year after the launch of the original SE in 2016. As the budget market heats up Apple doesn’t want to give up much of the ground available here hence we expect iPhone SE 3.

Unlike the iPhone 11 or the iPhone 12, the SE is much more in terms of price to performance. The cutting of some premium bells & whistles in exchange for the top tier performance is what the SE is known for.

We now expect Apple to launch the 3rd generation of the SE or the iPhone SE 3 in Q1 of 2021 maybe along with air-tags and the new iPad, but we can never be so sure.

Image Courtesy; Youtube.com/4RMD

Keeping that in mind here is the new iPhone SE 3 according to a concept video by the YouTuber 4RMD.

Have a look for yourself.

In this beautifully designed concept, we get to see a similar design on the back but, with a significant change!

The Design Changes in iPhone SE 3

On the design changes, we see smaller bezels on the front still with the home button because it will be foolish to remove Touch ID at a time where we all wear masks, speaking this we see that concept holds Face ID which is very unlikely to happen as it is not the best way of unlocking nowadays.

iPhone SE 3
Image Courtesy; Youtube.com/4RMD

We also get to see a range of color options which is very Apple-like, as they do provide a good amount of color options for their cheaper line-ups.

We do see no charging port which is again almost impossible to happen. It will be staying absent on the premium range if it ever does go away.


On the specifications side, we should expect the latest A14 chip with 128GB of base storage & 4GB ram.

The Cameras

No doubt that the iPhone SE 2 had some beautiful camera work and we can’t expect less from the SE 3. We do see a dual-camera setup of a combination of a wide & an ultra-wide and we are excited for this to happen.

iPhone SE 3


Keeping previous prices in mind we agree with the price tag of around 400$.

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