Huawei might be working on a gaming console and will launch a gaming laptop in 2021

It seems that Huawei is keen in investing and expanding its consumer products and will also be heading to the gaming market. A well-known tipster on Weibo suggests that Huawei will be working on a gaming console that will compete with other major gaming consoles such as the Xbox & Playstation. Mostly Huawei will be also launching their own thin and light line-ups of laptops which are majorly focused on the gaming territory.

Take it as a grain of salt onto the gaming console of Huawei, but it is for sure that Huawei will launch their own gaming laptops to take a small step into the gaming sector, to expand its consumer preferences and current laptop line-ups further.

So far we have no actual teaser or any sort of confirmation from Huawei Officials, but it is likely to happen that they can launch their gaming laptop and an online event will take place in the future.

So far Huawei former subsidiary brand Honor launched their own gaming laptop in 2020, the Honor Hunter with some really heavy specifications mainly targeted towards gamers. Huawei was also supposed to launch their own gaming laptop in 2020 itself, but due to restrictions and selling of the Honor brand, this led to the further delay and unknown announcement, all we know is 2021 is the year for Huawei to launch their gaming notebook lineup.

Honor Hunter v700

Huawei Matebooks 2021:

Huawei introduced a bunch of laptops in early Jan 2021, the Matebook 13 and 14, and the Matebook X Pro equipped with 11th Gen Intel Processors for high performance and with Huawei App Gallery ( PC version ).

Later the following launch, Huawei is also planning on launching similar laptops, equipped with AMD Processor, but for now, there is no confirmation yet.

Huawei’s Own Gaming Console

So far there is very less amount of leaks/rumors based upon Huawei making its own gaming console, in order to expand its gaming department wider and competing against other Console Manufacturers, such as Xbox and Playstation. It seems that Huawei will be also working on something very powerful and non-ARM based console, such as the Nintendo switch. It can also be possible that Huawei can make its own ARM-based consoles and work on its own silicon designs.

For Huawei building up its own content and software will sure take time to perfect and be ready to compete in terms of the console. But at least it will bring up the heat in the console wars and might possibly be among the best. Who knows, time will tell. So far Huawei has been pretty much in their red zone and is continuously suffering from the US Bans, yet its comebacks on products are stronger and innovative.

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Source Via Huawei Central

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