Oneplus 9 Pro Major Leaks, appears to be collaborating with Hasselblad.

    For the past 2-3 months, we have few seen several leaked renders on the upcoming Oneplus9 and its Pro Variant. Until yesterday, Dave2D (a Tech Youtuber) showcased a few of the images of the Oneplus 9. An unknown source showed some Hands-On images on the Prototype Model of Oneplus 9 Pro to Dave2D via Discord. This image confirms the Exterior Looks and Internal hardware of the Oneplus9 that has been leaked several months ago with some new adjustments. But as well a major camera collaborative leak.

    Oneplus, 9Pro, Camera
    Oneplus 9 Pro Leaked Renders, Credit : CConcept Creator

    Let’s take a look over the rendered leak:


    It seems that Oneplus will be majorly focusing on the camera department, this year onwards. Making it clear by the looks of the Camera Setup and the Collaborative Branding called ‘Hasselblad‘. Hasselblad has a great history and is known for leading the Camera Industry in terms of medium-level format production, which can lead to speculation that Oneplus 9 Pro will be having massive improvement from its predecessor and will be competing with the top tier Camera Smartphones.

    The Camera Setup seems to be similar to the Oppo Reno/iPhone Style circular bumps having Quad Camera Setup with 2 Major Lenses (probably Main Camera & Ultrawide) and 2 Smaller ones below it (Maybe macro and depth sensor). Currently, right now we have no idea about the megapixels of the camera it will consist of, within the lenses but at least should hope that it will be a major improvement from the Oneplus 8, 48-Megapixel Camera.

    Looking more through Dave2D’s Video, the Camera UI will also have a ‘Tilt-Shift mode‘ hinting that the lens will be able to move in order to create a distortion effect. Other leaks and rumors also hint towards a Night mode capability.


    Oneplus 9 Pro Display , Via Dave2D

    The Oneplus 9 Pro will have 120 Hz with QHD+ Resolution (3120×1440) both switched on together, looking below the 2 options from the above picture. It seems that the Display will have some sort of Adaptive Feature where it can switch between 60hz or 120hz automatically depends on the usage and scenarios. It seems that only Oneplus 9 Pro will be having a curved display, while the rest of the models will be having a flat display in the Line-Up.

    Internal Hardware:

    Specifications about the phone. Credit : Dave2D

    So far the specifications show through the image have less context to prevent further-more information to be leaked, but we can speculate by looking through some other reports based upon the Oneplus 9 Pro. The phone will be powered by the latest and powerful Snapdragon 888 and will have 12 GB RAM with fast USF 3.1 Storage of 256 GB.

    Will this be the Oneplus Phone that everyone wanted, fulfilling all the fundamentals required within a smartphone with clean software and display, now with the collaboration Camera branding and investment in the camera department? Let’s us know down in the comment section below.

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