How to get your phone PTA approved

PTA stands for Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. If you want to use SIM cards on your smartphone in Pakistan then it must be PTA approved. So how to get your phone PTA approved? Below is the complete guideline to get your phone PTA approved.

PTA approval is a method where you get your phone approved by the Govt, and pay the tax or import fee. PTA approval is only necessary for devices that are imported, henceforth you see a lot of iPhones that require PTA approval because there is no official Apple shipment to Pakistan and phones have to be imported.

pta approved

In this article you will know all the things about PTA approval & you will know how to get your phone approved!

Approval Rates;

Before paying the tax, you must know how much you need to pay. So there is this method which according to me is best and most accurate.

1. Online

You can go to or click here

scrool down until you find “Mobile Device Duty Information” & click it

Now enter your Mobile IMEI and you will know the tax

to know your IMEI dial *#06# on the keypad and you should see it.

Now, How to get PTA approved?

For the actual process we have 2 methods.

1. Online

Go to or click here

select online mobile registration

Pta approved

Sign up if you are new user

Select user type (Local Resident/ Foreign Traveler) & select personal.

Enter all the necessary information & click submit.

Pta approved

You will be redirected to a login page

Pta approved

Put your information and log in

Click on the green button

Pta approved

Click on apply for COC

Pta approved

Enter your and your phone’s details

Pta approved

Click submit

You should receive a 4 digit code on your phone through SMS, enter that code

Pta approved

Enter the necessary information

Pta approved
Pta approved

Now pay tax through bank or online service

You should receive a message confirming your PTA approval

Pta approved

2. Through SMS

Dial *8484# on keypad

Pta approved

Select Language

Pta approved

Select option 1 “Register Mobile Phone”

Pta approved

Now Select your catagory

Pta approved

Now select option 1 if you want to approve using Passport or Option 2 if you want to do using CNIC. Tax is less using passport, for example on the iPhone 12 pro the tax with CNIC is 41,000 and while using passport it’s 31,500

Pta approved

Enter CNIC/Passport number & click next

Pta approved

Now Select sim type (E-sim does count as a sim)

Pta approved

Enter IMEI (You can find IMEI on box or by dialing *#06#)

Pta approved

Now you will receive a SMS telling you the tax, PSID and other information (Message may take up to 24 hours)

Pta approved

Now if you are using online Banking copy the PSID number, got to bill payment on your app. select Govt; tax payments & under it select FBR

Paste the PSID & if you don’t use online banking, go to a bank and ask them for PTA tax payment they will provide you a form fill it and give tax.

You will receive a confirmation message

Pta approved

You are all done and now your phone is PTA approved. I hope you liked the article, Be a responsible citizen and pay all your taxes.

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