Xiaomi announces their Quad-Curved Portless Phone Concept

It seems like Xiaomi is going on full steam in terms of concept and innovations from different sectors, from the Xiaomi Air Charge now to the Portless Quad Curved Curved Waterfall display. This seems like Xiaomi is taking an Apple alike approach, such as soon enough they will ditch the ports and move on to the wireless approach. Let’s check what this Xiaomi portless phone is all about.

Xiaomi portless phone
Xiaomi Concept 2021

The Xiaomi portless phone concept shows that it will have no buttons or any side of openings, the main look Xiaomi is trying to show is its achievement in creating an 88-Degrees Curve on all four sides of the phone, which removes all the bezels and creates an all-around display look. Seems like Xiaomi has used a custom self-developed Glass Processing Equipment in creating such distinguish curves.

This is by doing the bending process under 800 Degree Temperature and 4 different polishing tools, and around 20 complex polishing procedures, in order to achieve this unique display. We have seen a similar concept also from Vivo Apex 2020 with a similar portless design but seems like Xiaomi is furthering its display curvature even more.

Xiaomi’s also included their 3rd Gen of Under-Display Camera Technology, which makes it clear that it will have no punch-hole or any pop-up camera cut-outs. With the charging port removed, it is also clear that Xiaomi will house blazing fast wireless charging capabilities which can go up to 50W or even 80W. No physical Sim slot and will use E-Sim support, it will also be equipped with pressure-sensitive touch sensors.

But the Question arises: that will it ever be useful and will it be released to the Public?

Xiaomi portless phone
Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Concept 2020

Well, it is unlikely that Xiaomi will put their portless phone concept into the hands of public or commercial purposes for now. It will take time to make it perfect and viable during producing and turning into a reality. Right now, not everyone thinks that the phone is useful in any such scenarios and are still used to using Volume Keys, Sim Tray, and etc. So it will take time to adapt, if Apple will do such an initiative first, then for sure, all other mobile companies will start following the trend (Same as No Chargers in the box).

Xiaomi has also announced their Mi Mix Alpha exactly a year ago, but there has been no news of it getting into the consumer’s hand, So it unlikely that it will be released for now, but did criticize upon how the waterfall display had no used to it, even tho it looked futuristic and was more prone to break and accidental touches occurred.

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