Tesla in Pakistan? Everything you need to know!

Javed’s Tweet

Tesla in Pakistan?. As hinted by Javed Afridi through a tweet that he might be bringing Tesla to Pakistan. Here is everything you need to know if that ever happens. The Pros, the Cons the pricing, and more.

Tesla in Pakistan

What is Tesla

Tesla in Pakistan

In case if you were living under a rock and don’t know what Tesla is well worry not. Tesla is one of the largest electric vehicle manufacturers on the planet as of now, which is owned by the famous Elon Musk.

Tesla in Pakistan

It will be not the first time that any Electric Vehicle is coming to Pakistan, in fact, some people have already imported Tesla at their personal cost. As fuel prices are going up and it is becoming harder to produce, electric vehicles like Tesla are a huge plus because it is easier to produce electricity and much more beneficial for the environment especially considering how Solar energy is becoming more popular and reliable.

But, what will be the pricing of it, will it just become another option for the elite class? or will it be affordable? And speaking of that we move on towards pricing of Tesla in Pakistan.

Tesla in Pakistan

Pricing in Pakistan

Now it is a no brainer that Tesla in an expensive car even in foreign countries it is considered expensive but, what will it be priced if it ever came to Pakistan?

Right now the cheapest model of Tesla the Tesla Model S with a price tag of $35,000 and if we do the currency math correctly it will be about PKR 5,600,000. Surprisingly it’s not that expensive after you consider that cars like the Toyota Fortuner which are way worse in quality and safety than sometimes in an accident even the airbags don’t open cost PKR 7,699,000.

Crazy Right?! But aren’t you forgetting something ? Taxes!

Custom Duty & Taxes

Govt; has announced new electric vehicle policy for 4 wheelers.

As stated by Geo News the new policy has a few salient features discussing about the import, export, custom duty fees and sales Tax

In a tweet by Federal Minister for Industries and Production Hammad Azhar he states that;

  • Add on Customs duty and AST on imports of EV cars will be removed.
  • For Manufacturers: only 1% tax on import of EV parts.
  • Registration & annual renewal fee waiver for EVs in ICT
  • 1% sales tax for local made EVs up to 50kwh and light commercial vehicles up to 150 kwh.
  • Duty on import of charging equipment capped at 1%.
  • FED already does not apply to EVs.
  • Duty free import of plant and machinery for manufacturing of EVs.

Keeping all of the above points in view we know that there will be a slight increase in the final price but that all can not be confirmed until the news is official.

Ending Verdict

So in the end it is just up to if the news gets confirmed by officials or not. But in the case of it ever happening you now have all the information about the news of “Tesla in Pakistan”.

It may be a dream car for many but not everyone will be able to afford it BUT it will be a huge step for Pakistan economically and it will also contribute to the clean and green Pakistan. Share your opinion via the comments below.

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