iPhone 12S series leaks and rumors, all we know so far!

With March right around the corner, it’s usually the time of the year when we get leaks about the potential iPhone 12S or the next iPhone. And its no different this time, we have been getting hit with leaks left and right so I think it’s time we share them with you. Below are the complete iPhone 12S leaks and rumors!

*Spoiler Alert: We will be getting a phone in the box.

iPhone 12S leaks and rumors
iPhone 12S PRO rendering
image courtesy; everything apple pro

You may have seen many articles and leaks until now and must think “What’s new about this one”?. Well, this is a complete comprehensive summary of all the leaks combined from all the sources. So sit back and fasten your seat belts and let’s get into it.

iPhone 12S leaks and rumors
iPhone 13 rendering
image courtesy; everything apple pro

Basic Changes Coming To iPhone 12S Series

In the iPhone 12S series, there are rumored to be quite a few changes to the physical appearance of the phone and as always some internal changes as well. The overall look will definitely stay the same but we will see small changes across the board.

  1. The camera bump most likely gets thinner & may also get flush unlike now as the cameras poke out. It will be a sapphire flat slab with all the cameras and lidar sensors inside.
  2. Upgraded Ultra Wide
  3. 8K video
  4. There will be 4 models just like the 12 lineup.
  5. Lidar sensor will now be most likely across all 4 of them.
  6. The Pro & Pro Max will both get the new bigger camera sensor & sensor-shift stabilization.
  7. The iPhones will be a bit thicker.
  8. Some models will feature Touch ID.
  9. A smaller notch.
  10. No charging port on the Pro Max (Not Confirmed)
  11. A new A15 chip
  12. Up to 1TB of storage.
  13. LTPO 120 Hz display

Most of the above points are self explanatory, but some of them I will explain

iPhone 12S leaks and rumors
iPhone 12S or iPhone 13? What your call?


The iPhone 12S lineup will all get a lidar sensor. The Pro & Pro Max will get the bigger sensor and a sensor shift stabilization. It is also a leak that Apple is getting a new sensor for their Ultra Wide camera. & there will be 8K video options. It will be a good improvement from the technical perspective.

iPhone 12S leaks and rumors
iPhone 12S PRO camera rendering
image courtesy; everything apple pro

Now, from the appearance side the Camera Bump will go flat with no cameras poking out. It will have sapphire on top & quite possibly a black tint so it looks sleek from the outside.


Now, the screen will be an LTPO Oled panel with a 120Hz refresh rate (Yeah they finally caught up) and maybe we get an Always On Display. With an under-screen fingerprint reader. WOW never heard of that before. INNOVATION by Apple 🙂

iPhone 12S PRO rendering

No Charging Port

I know most of you are shocked by this, but we knew it had to happen someday. (Possibly when Apple came out with their own wireless charger). We know Apple it’s their hobby to create a problem and then sell its solution or just simply remove things. Like how conveniently when we got AirPods, as a result, we lost the headphone jack, and now we got the MagSafe, we will most likely lose the charging port.

Innovative! am I right?

Personally, I am excited to see the new phone and more excited to see how people will react to them. What are your thoughts? Share in the comments below & speaking of iPhones Read about the current one; Here Is The iPhone 12 Series Pricing In Pakistan

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