This gold plated phone costs 450,000 PKR

What if I tell you there is a gold plated phone that costs 4.5 lacks? And it is being sold right now. Talk about having extra cash. Let’s see what is up with this?

Phones were created as a tool to help humans in their daily life, but it is crazy to see how they have transformed into being a status symbol for us.

Thanks to companies like Apple, we have fell down this dilemma of having the most expensive phones, not the best performing or best looking just one with a HUGE price tag. And as a result of that more and more stupid products are being introduced in the market.

This is the Gold Plated phone which costs 450,000 PKR

This Gold Plated phone that I am writing about today it is available right now to buy for a starting price of 450,000 PKR in Pakistan! and mind it that this phone does not have a 200 MP camera or a 1TB of storage, nor does this phone come with a new & out of this world technology, the phone is none other than this Gold Plated iPhone 12 pro max. 

If you got some excess cash, this is just the thing for you!

The Gold Plated iPhone 12 Pro Max

It’s the same, just GOLD Plated

“But the iPhone 12 pro costs about 2.5 lakhs how is it 2 lakhs more expensive”!!??, Well this is not any iPhone 12 Pro Max, but this is a custom Gold plated iPhone 12 Pro Max. It comes with the same 128 gigs of storage 12 MP camera sensor and a 3687 MAH battery. The only difference is the gold on it’s back.

We have seen this being done with the older 11 Pro Max too, & to my surprise people are buying them.

Is it not just a literal show off?

It is a shock to see that how much people are paying to get the same phone but just to show off their wealth. “Hey look at me I have a gold plated phone with me”, yeah sure that would get you the goals. Or like “Yeah after spending 5 lakhs on a phone I finally feel happy”

Imagine you dropping and breaking this…..

You may ask, “but no one is goanna buy the phone anyway”, well you are wrong as per the time of writing this 3 of these phones have been already sold.

It’s astonishing to think that you can buy a car instead of this phone, Not the best one of course but a car is a car.

Incase you want to buy this

These are easily available on some local and online shops. One Google search will get you to your dream phone, but if you ask me some dreams are better to stay unfulfilled.

Personally, this idea is absolutely stupid as phones are tools and we should encourage the use of phones as tools not a status symbol. This world is complicated enough let’s make it easier and simpler. 


Just don’t buy this. If you have excess money buy the regular 12 Pro Max and donate the rest to charity. What are your thoughts, share them in the comments below?

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