Redmi K40 Lineup Will Have A Third Handset, with 108 MP Camera.


According to a renowned Chinese leaker on Weibo, the upcoming Redmi K40-series will have three phones – likely the base K40, K40S, and K40 Pro. Among which the high-end version of the line-up, the K40 Pro model will be equipped with a 108-megapixel main camera sensor.

K40 Series Teaser

There have been numerous leaks and rumors going on the K40 Line-Up in the past. The above teaser even reveals that the Pro Model will consist, the latest and high-end chipset the Snapdragon 888, and will be expected to be priced at CNY 2,999 (Around 570$). That is some serious aggressive price in terms of the flagship smartphone and also in the Chinese market.

Among the other two phones in the lineup the, base model K40 and the K40s one of these will, consist the Snapdragon 870 ( A slightly tweaked version of Snapdragon 865 ), All equipped with Snapdragon 8 series chips. The expected pricing for the model consisting SD 870 will be below CNY 2,000 (Around 310$). In addition, the K40 line-up will be equipped with a Samsung E4 OLED Display along with a support of 120Hz refresh rate. The officials of Xiaomi states that it “Might be the most expensive display in the industry”. The K40 Lineup is expected to release on February 25th, 2021.

If these leaks are all true, with such aggressive pricing, it can be considered as an underrated High-End phone with the pricing of a mid-range market. But as always, with such a great package at a very affordable pricing, there will be compromises to make. This can lead to mediocre speakers or lack of IP Waterproof Certification, etc. Looking at the predecessors of the K Series, people seemed to enjoy and love the K20/K30 lineups due to its hardware in an affordable/aggressive pricing. With such anticipation, People are already hyped and looking forward to, the K40 Series being available worldwide. As for now, the K40 is supposedly launching in only China region market and will soon head to India and Europe Market. Redmi is going on full steam and speed in competing with other phone companies with its aggressive pricing and its feature jam-packed within. Confidently will say, that the Redmi K40 will be one of the biggest hit phones and also be the phone among to be sold extremely quick within minutes.

Leaks Upon the K40-Series

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