Best 2 WhatsApp Alternatives With Better Privacy & Features


    WhatsApp has changed its privacy policy. The new policy is a big no-no to the privacy of one’s data. In a nutshell, your messaging, calling, statuses, groups, payments, or business features; profile photo, “about” information, your last seen will be collected by WhatsApp. If you don’t your personal data being collected by WhatsApp, the only thing you can do is to switch to an alternative. Below are the 2 WhatsApp Alternatives that not only come with better privacy but are my favorite as-well.

    1. Telegram

    You may have heard about it many times. It is not much popular in Pakistan. However, it has been one of the best messaging apps on smartphones. It has some features that make it more advanced than WhatsApp. Now, let me tell you what you will think when switching from WhatsApp. You will be scared of losing the groups you made. And secondly, there won’t be many people chatting with you. But Telegram is different!

    Telegram has groups that you can make with your friends. But also join existing channels that match your interests. Do you like Netflix? Search up your favorite season and boom. You will find channels and groups discussing it. Talking about groups, have you joined our own group on Telegram? We have our own Telegram group chat where you can discuss anything about technology. We also have our channel where you will be updated with the latest tech news. Come join our channel and group, and chat with me there!

    So, Telegram is feature-rich. I mean much more feature-rich than WhatsApp. There are a ton of things to discover on Telegram. But the main question is privacy here. According to Telegram’s official website “Telegram has two fundamental principles when it comes to collecting and processing private data: We don’t use your data to show you ads. We only store the data that Telegram needs to function as a secure and feature-rich messaging service.”

    By that, we are assured of no ads. There will be no ads on Telegram. Unlike WhatsApp that will show ads in the coming day. Plus, none of our data is given to Ad companies. Hence, Telegram is my personal favorite alternative to WhatsApp and Boiler recommends it!

    2. Signal

    Elon Musk, a very famous entrepreneur tweeted about Signal. He recommended the platform. I was not familiar with this one. But after using it for quite some time, I can say it is a good recommendation. Very similar interface to WhatsApp. But it is is an encrypted messaging service. Thanks, for being an independent nonprofit app meaning the company won’t sell your data to big social media platforms. And you won’t be disturbed by annoying ads.\

    Security and privacy are the two big things of Signal. Apart from that, it is having classic features like Groups, custom stickers, voice, and video calls. I will say it isn’t as feature-rich as Telegram but it is still a good alternative to Whatsapp. Elon recommends, and I recommend it.


    Share this article. I never ask you to share articles and blah blah. But if people don’t join these 2 platforms we will be left alone, chatting with bots. We as tech enthusiasts should share valuable information. Share this article in the existing WhatsApp groups so more and more people will make a switch before February.

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