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Don’t Buy Redmi 9T – Top 3 Reasons Why Redmi 9T Is A Failure


Redmi Note 9T is now official in Pakistan. An entry-level mid-range device from Xiaomi. Yet another! I mean they just launched POCO M3. And the Redmi 9T is not a big step up from POCO M3. In fact, it shares most of its specifications with POCO M3. It is a little better and a bit more expensive. However, at the price tag of Rs.29,999, the device is not recommended by me. Here are the top 3 reasons for it.

1. 4GB RAM. Seriously, Xiaomi?

If you are familiar with Xiaomi’s custom MIUI, you must know how heavy it is. Google Chrome is popular for eating all the RAM. Well, this custom UI ain’t any different. With 4GB RAM, this device will LAG. The user interface will be laggy sometimes that it will become unusable.

Well, I have a Redmi 9 with 3GB RAM. I bought it for my younger brother. When playing PUBG Mobile, the device lagged a lot. And when he told me about it, my answer was well what do you expect from an Rs.20,500 smartphone? But then he told me even in day to day tasks, it lagged. I then searched on Google and damn, there were a lot of forums where people were complaining about the lag issue.

It was not about the processor. The Redmi 9 has an Helio G85 chipset. And we were not getting enough free RAM, hence the heavy poorly optimized UI was the issue. I was contacted by some of my followers on Instagram who told me about the same issue on 4GB RAM. And hence, the Redmi 9T is not any different. With its mediocre Snapdragon 662 SoC and 4GB RAM, it will be laggy.

2. Tear Drop Notch

We are not in 2020. God damn it, Xiaomi! I am signing up for a patent “No more teardrop notches – especially in an Rs.30000+ smartphone.” I mean it is just outdated. I would like to give Realme a thumbs up for adopting a punch hole notch even in its cheaper models. From the rear side, the device looks dope. But from the front, well it’s just outdated.

3. Mediocre Processor

Snapdragon 662 in Rs.25000 is a good option. But for Rs.5000 more it just becomes a deal-breaker. At this price point, unfortunately, you will not play PUBG Mobile in good settings. At similar price points, there are processors like Helio G80, G90T available capable of 60 frames per second gaming. If you are into gaming, then skip this one!

Which one to buy then, Boiler?

Don’t worry, I will not leave you to a mystery after just “exposing” Redmi 9T. Now, you have a budget of Rs.30,000 to Rs.35,000. And you are wondering which one to go for? Well, there aren’t many options. If we go to Realme, they have Realme C17. You will have to compromise on display and camera. Hence, there are two devices which I can recommend at this price range:

Infinix Zero 8i

This was launched a little while back at PKR.35K. Although, you can grab the phone at heavy discounts in the offline market. From the specifications on the sheet, this one is for gamers. The Helio G90T is capable of running PUBG Mobile in EXTREME settings. Although, it will heat up quite a bit while gaming. But it is currently one of the cheapest phones to provide this experience.

Redmi Note 9

Well, the T version is not an upgrade over the existing Redmi Note 9. It was launched at Rs.31,999. But it has a better overall camera thanks to the electronic image stabilization which is not available on Redmi 9T. Also, the Redmi Note 9 has a better chipset i.e Helio G85. You will get a more modern punch hole notch as-well. Although, it still has 4GB RAM which is a big drawback of this phone. But other than that, it is a fairly better deal than the Redmi 9T. If you want to go below Rs.30,000 then just go for POCO M3. It offers almost identical to the Redmi 9T at a cheaper price.

Let us know your opinions on the Xiaomi Redmi 9T and our points. Do you agree with our points? If not, let us know in the comments section below!

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