Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I was building a new PC. It is my first ever PC. Previously, I used PS4 as my gaming machine but now it is used as a trackpad. Anyway, this post isn’t about my PC. But about my new keyboard and mouse. And here is how I ended up buying a cheap mechanical keyboard and gaming headphones in Pakistan.

Before the Hafeez Centre incident, I checked out many stores selling amazing mechanical keyboards at cheap prices. I thought that I would come back and buy once my PC was done. Unfortunately, the fire incident happened. I went there to see if I can still buy keyboards from nearby markets but nope. I couldn’t find any seller. Shop-keepers had moved to a new plaza “Al-Hafeez Shopping Mall” and I couldn’t find anything good there.

Then, I came across a post on the Pakistani PC Gamers Facebook Group. It was about a seller for mechanical keyboards, headsets, and other accessories. They send me a couple of pictures of the keyboards and headphones. And hence I ordered a mechanical keyboard and a headset. The real question is “Should you buy Chinese stuff for 50% less price than a branded stuff?”


Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

Unboxing plays a vital role in judging the seller. If your goods are not packed properly, they can break during transit.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

But I found Chaudhry Traders very careful in packaging the parcel. The keyboard was covered with foil, and there was newspaper around the corners to protect it from breaking. Overall, a good unboxing experience from Chaudhary Traders.

Mechanical Keyboard

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

The keyboard I ordered is from a Chinese company Ousaid. It is not popular, but there are few of their listings on Amazon as-well. The keyboard is having a dark blue switch which is not common. Upon searching the internet, I found that the navy blue switch is a rare one. What makes it different from a normal blue switch is the feel. On Navy Blue Switch, when you click, it is smooth. Whereas, on a normal blue switch, it will be a grainier feel.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

Yes, it is clicky and has a loud sound. But I found it less annoying than a standard blue switch. It is something in the middle of a brown and a blue switch. The typing on this keyboard has been very good. There is an attached wrist rest which is always welcome.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

And of course, RGB is there. There are a lot of RGB effects including the Breathe effect etc. There is also a light on the side of the keyboard. I guess it is there to lit up the trackpad.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

The model number of my keyboard is Ousaid DK920. I found that keyboard on OLX as well, and the seller was asking twice the amount I paid. I would say the keyboard was money spend well.


Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

The headphones I ordered were also from a Chinese company K3. These were box packed and new. The headset box mentions “e-sports gaming.” Well, yes they have been pretty good for this price tag. It connects with a USB port, thank god. The cable is long like around 2 meters and is a good quality cable that won’t be breaking anytime soon. There is also a mic with a blue light. Till now, my teammates have not complained about the mic.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

The sound quality of budget headphones is not a big concern as much is reliability. In this case, They have been running very nicely and I think they are well made. Of course, there is a plastic body which is what we expect in this price range. And of course, you can see the RGB lighting on the headphones as-well.

Cheap Mechanical Keyboard & Headphones Hunt In Pakistan

The complaint I have is a weird sound when I put my volume (of headphones) at max. It will disappear when audio is playing but will resume when there is nothing. Although this issue is not present if u lower the volume a bit. And frankly speaking, these headphones will act more like a mini speaker at max volume.

Final verdict

My experience with these two products was amazing. I liked how the seller was helping throughout and also helped me when there was an issue in delivery. The good news is that Chaudhry Traders offers Cash On Delivery. They have a huge stock of mechanical keyboards, headphones which you can have a look at their Facebook page as-well. You can contact Chaudhry Traders at 0303-7496644 and 0303-8186553 (Whatsapp also available).

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