Xiaomi Redmi Planning to Launch Android Version of iPhone SE 2

Compact size smartphones are becoming rare. There are not many options you have, you can have iPhone SE 2 or Google Pixel 4a but next month there will be one more addition to your short heightened phone the iPhone 12 Mini. Nowadays all brands including Xiaomi Redmi are launching large phones with more than 6 inches display. And mid-ranger with bezels adds more height to the Phone.


All smartphones released in 2020 has a display size of exact or more than 6.4 inches. So do Xiaomi’s devices having much large and even better displays some majority of them comes with 90Hz or 120Hz. But now Xiaomi’s executive and Redmi (Sub-brand of Xiaomi) General Manager “Lu Weibing” has confirmed on Weibo that Redmi wants to produce a phone having a small size. The confirmation post is attached below.


In the future, you can have a small smartphone but there will be a problem you can face. The battery, unfortunately, the size of the battery will be going to reduce. So do the capacity of the battery will also reduce but if the company manages the optimization of the device, you will get more battery timing. 

In small-sized phones, the main issue is the battery. As iPhone SE 2 and Pixel 4a, both devices did not have a big battery capacity. This is because the capacity of the battery is directly proportional to the size. Sony’s old phones are very popular in terms of having a low capacity of battery because the phones are compact too, so there will no space left for the battery to adjust. Therefore the first thing every company thinks to reduce is the battery.

Now it’s not too much issue to launch a new phone with a small battery. All the company needs to optimize the device correctly and wisely. The live example of Pixel 4a is here. Even though the capacity of the battery is minor not too much which is 3,140mAh but the optimization of the device is wisely so it performs well. It will pass your whole day easily. But the other problem came around. The 5G, who is always hungry for power. For now, no one knows how the battery will react while having 5G but next month in iPhone 12 Mini we will realize it. 


One more condition is here, which is the manufacturer Xiaomi Redmi should make the devices fat. Then they have space to increase the size and capacity of the battery too. But in this case, the concept of small sized phone will vanish. Because the weight to the body ratio will increase and it becomes less comfortable to hold fat devices.

Comment Down below, will you use a comfortable phone with a small battery capacity?

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