iPhone 12 Disappoints In AnTuTu Benchmarks, Uses Underclocked A14 Bionic Chipset

In my previous article, we discussed about Apple removing the charger from the box and add 5G bands. Not just the charger, they decreased the size of the battery too. And now the report of the benchmark is here by AnTuTu. This benchmark report shows the A14 Bionic used Apple iPad Air 4 has more power. The performance decreases by a huge amount.

A month ago the iPad Air 4 has released with the same Processor. Having 4GB of RAM size and 256GB Storage. That iPad was running on iPad OS 14.0.1 but the model number is 13.1. The report says the device gets a total of 660,038 points. The GPU scored 261,927 and the scores of CPU are 183,817. 

Where the so-called fastest device A14 Bionic iPhone 12’s scores are here with total scores of 564,899. Whereas both the devices are using the same chipset. What might be the reason behind this awful score? One of the reasons could be the: underclocked chipset. The scores of GPU drop like how people drop Samsung devices which is too much. It is 201,085 and it has dropped 30% compared to iPad Air 4. the scores of CPU is 167,894 which is 9.5% lesser than iPad air 4 

If you guys are thinking about RAM, that it may be higher on iPad but it is not. Both of the devices come with the same RAM which is 4GB. The UX scores are also better on iPad than iPhone. It has a total of 97,026 scores while the iPhone has only 90,243 scores. 

A month before the release of the iPhone 12 lineup, the score of iPhone 12 Pro Max got leaked. Because after seeing the scores of iPad Air 4 we thought that the A14 SoC will give more benchmarks on iPhone because of the small screen and better thermally managed. But with a big screen and a small battery, it’s not impressive score. By AnTuTu benchmarks you can see the scores of last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max. The GPU scores are dropped in iPhone 12 compared to 11 Pro Max. 

For now, it is too early to say something. In the future, we will see everything reported is true or not. Before the delivery of the phone if some more samples will come we will take a look at it.

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