Samsung To Remove Chargers After Making Fun Of Apple

    On October 13th Samsung uploads the picture of its travel adapter and mocks about Apple that “we are giving you what you need”. The charger is the thing that everyone needs, Apple not only removes Charger from iPhone 12 Lineup but earphones too. After making fun of Apple there is news from Korean News Site ETNews that Samsung will, unfortunately, not provide the travel adapter with some devices coming in 2021.  

    Day by day smartphones are coming with more stuff in the low price bracket. Small companies trying to set their market value by giving more. But the well-known companies like Apple are doing the opposite. If they add more things with the same old price there will remain less percentage of profit they get. So now they started improving devices but reducing the number of items comes with the devices. Apple already took a step forward.

    Apple gave us a very unpredictable reason, why they remove the charger. A month ago many of us started predicting whether Apple will include a charger in the box or not because they did not provide the charger for Apple Watch Series 6.

    Secondly, the gave us Type-C to Lightning which means your old chargers with Type-A port will not work either. The reason they give us is because of the environmental reason they reduced the number of items in the box that will reduce the size of the box.

    With some thinking, I figured out it wasn’t all about the environment. Why not give us globally used Type-C port? Apple should also think about the ease of their customers. Not only we will have to buy a new charger but our old type-A charger won’t work with the cable in the box.

    This year Samsung gives us 5G phones with chargers in the same price range. But what if they really remove the Travel adapter and Earphones? This year Apple installs a 5G band and removes the charger to balance the revenue.

    But next year if they add a 120Hz display, they will reduce what? Now in the case of Samsung, Remember in 2016 Apple removed the headphone jack from iPhone 7 and Samsung made jokes about it, but in 2018 Galaxy A8 comes with no headphone jack. The reason for saying this is what Apple does companies copy it. The same in the case is with other aspects including design, operating system, etc.

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